Guide to Popularizing Your Blog Content through Various Tools

Blogging is becoming more and more challenging with new bloggers joining in every day and new strategies being devised for better reach and recognition. Gone are the days when all you had to do was post unique and interesting content to entice readers and make them like you. After reading this post you will know that you can do a lot more to increase visibility of your blog in today's cut-throat competition. Here are eight highly efficient tools that will make your blog a popular playground for enthusiastic readers.

Popularizing blog content
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The Use of External Content Promotion Tools

To promote the blog better, the use of social media is very important, and an important key to success lies in human psychology. People like viral content. The more number of likes and shares they see, the more convinced they are of the blog's quality. Readers rarely spend time on blogs that have no social following, and they decide to move on even before going through the content! Therefore, having a strong social presence is crucial for today's bloggers. If you want to make your blog popular on social media, these tools are for you.

1. Sharing curated content through Start a Fire

Content curation is an art if you can use it the right way. Being overtly promotional and always sharing your own content may not be the right strategy. You can share other people’s quality content to fetch attention. The post will then be liked, read, and your own blog posts will get attention through it. Wonder how? Well, there is a great tool called Start a Fire. This tool is for curating others' content and showing it on your social media pages, while your own post is being advertised subtly on the side of the content window.

The application assimilates tools like Hubspot, HootSuite, Edgar etc. When you share something from these blogging sites, a new URL is created in your Start a Fire window, with a small comment box beneath. Here, the shared post is displayed the same way as the original content, while your post link is also visible. This is a great way to get good exposure as you share more and more of quality content.

2. Quuu promote

Quuu promote is a brilliant content sharing tool with excellent premium features. Though it costs a few bucks to use this tool to the fullest, it is totally worth it. You have to post the link of your content on this site, and they will evaluate it. If they find it fit, good and worthy of sharing, they will share it to the highest number of audience than you may do on your own manually. You can shorten the content snippet for a Twitter post via this tool. Or you may use images for image posting, and use a long form of the post for posting on Facebook through this application.

3. Sharing Facebook posts with Hiplay

Hiplay is a software program that is compatible with Facebook, and it re-shares your content again and again in a cycle through the day. Normally, when you manually share a post, you share and forget. But this application finds out your old posts, and shares them again and again in the manner you decide in the settings. When you use Hiplay, you configure the re-share settings and leave the software to do the rest of the job. By re-sharing the good contents again and again, you stand to gain more exposure as new users see your posts.

4. Using CoPromote to share already shared content

CoPromote is a good content sharing tool which you can use. This tool works similar to Quuu Promote, and instead of sharing new blog posts, it shares the posts that you have already posted on several social media sites. This is a free tool that works on a give and take basis. In order to have your posts shared across all channels, you need to share someone else's posts as well.

How to Make On-Page Sharing Easier?

Now all these had been about sharing of posts on social media, and had little to do with on-site sharing options. Now we are going to talk about some of the basic principles that will make content sharing enticing and easy.

5. Using SumoMe plugin

This plugin works with all web platforms and CMS, and can be easily installed through admin panel of a site. The plugin’s job is to integrate all sharing options in a site so that impressed readers may use and hit a button they prefer to share the site’s content through their favorite media. The best thing about this plugin is that it offers a easy configuration system that takes no more than a few minutes of your time.

6. Monarch Social Sharing

This tool is similar to SumoMe, but it comes with a lot more options. Through this plugin, you may link as many as 20 social media pages/profiles for giving your readers easy access to sharing your posts.

7. Social Warfare

You would love to know about this unique software named Social Warfare, which will customize your content in every possible way to make it look its best or as you please. This works in your favor while posting on social media sites. Image sizes, hashtags etc all can be customized through this one software easily.

8. Click to Tweet

This plugin will make one click Tweet boxes easy to share through email, website, blogs or social media. With the use of this plugin, you may send exact text line or link as you want on your social accounts, or on the accounts of others.

These tools, when implemented properly, will show you golden results, and much of your worries related to social share or exposure will be gone!

Author Bio: Norman Bates is a well known social media marketer and blogger. He has multiple blogs on various niches. His most popular blog is on social media marketing, and with his tips, you can make your blog popular on social media.