Growth Hacking Ideas for Ecommerce You Never Knew

Starting and running an ecommerce store is no walk in the park. The idea of running a business on the cyber space where we chat, socialize and search for solutions to our problems seems a bit overwhelming at first.

In reality, growing an ecommerce business is easy enough with the massive number of online tools and systems available for your use. All it takes it is the right idea to elevate your startup to a success. The secret lies in the right mindset.

Growing ecommerce business

Growing a business is easy if you have the right mindset. Growth hacking, on the other hand, roots out from the fundamental process of survival of the fittest. If men can abide by it, they can also push their business forward accordingly. Growth hacking means adopting ways that can ensure success in the shortest period.

For example, Dropbox, now a popular cloud storage service, grew its reach by asking people to refer the service to their friends in exchange for free storage.

Here are some ideas on how you can use growth hacking for your ecommerce business:

Be unique, go viral

People on the internet need to know about your business or else you don’t exist. Going viral is the new marketing strategy, however, you must be clever and create something unique. Facebook has a billion users and it still has a ‘growth’ team.

The point is to make your company scalable and sustain the ups and downs of the business world. Here’s how you do it: Once you get those first few users, start working on ways to make the existing users bring in more.

Growth hackers create ideas that become an integral part of people’s lives and then brings positive results in a self-sustained way.

Take Dropbox again; referrals alone got them billions of users and a very high ROI. Many ecommerce marketers think that virility is bad. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, your business needs to think different. Make your uniqueness viral.

Retain existing customers

Let’s say you got those billion users in one go and that too, in a short period. What’s next? What if most of them become dormant and others just get bored? Think of all the opportunities you will lose.

Not only should your landing page be interactive, but a dozen other retaining tactics should be present in your toolbox so users never get bored or bounce off.

First, you need to record time spent on optimizing your website. You can use tools like Minterapp or Harvest. Next, use this data to work on problem areas.

Ken Zi Wang says that growth hackers have two sides to their approach: first, they get creative when getting users and second, they get scientific when analyzing the metrics. Be a keen analyzer and distill the reasons why a user performed an action on your store. Then use those valuable results to improve your retention rates.

Personalize user experience

If you can pull this off well, the rewards are big. It requires working and re-working on a webpage or app and integrating it to look a certain way to a certain user. Personalization is a tried and tested tactic in business and that’s because this way a customer can relate to your business. In ecommerce, when the look and feel of a page is customized to cater to a single individual, it immediately becomes their personal affair and they can potentially become a returning visitor. An easy way to personalize is to notice the sections a user browses and the products they view. The next time this user visits the website, you remind them about the items they viewed and any promotions or discounts on those products.

Upsell and cross-sell with bundle offers

Have you ever browsed on Amazon for one thing and also found another related item at the bottom? Do you remember thinking ‘I want to buy these too?’ I for example you are browsing for faux fur coats, there are suggestions for leather boots that will look exceptional with the coat.

Ecommerce platforms are ideal for up selling and cross-selling. Up selling is the art of selling an item for a higher price with added value for the user. Cross-selling is to sell two items together as a great bundle offer.

Apple does this all the time by selling a charging dock with an iPhone. Microsoft has also jumped on the bandwagon by selling an Office 365 subscription with the purchase of every laptop or computer at a discounted price.

Customers love to think that they have scored big time in their online purchase. They may also pay for shipping if you make them think that they got exciting items all in one bundle offer. You can incorporate this on your website by introducing bundle offers which seem cheaper than the price of an individual item. Showing related items with a set of products will also attract buyers.

There is no secret recipe for success, but with a growth mindset and a motivated team, you can surely make your ecommerce business a big hit on the inter-webs.


Kamil Riaz is a Writer and Digital Marketer. He has completed his masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he wrote numerous articles on management, technology and health. Currently, he is working with