Why Do Professionals Need a Website?

If you want to create a professional website showcasing your educational and work related experience, you are in luck. Gone are the days where you needed to have extensive knowledge of coding. You do not even need to know about web hosting. So, if you are looking for an easy way to brand yourself online to potential employers who are looking for Bradley University DNP online graduates, creating an online portfolio/website is the best option.

Website for professionals
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There are some new companies in the market that offer hosted profile pages. These pages have templates that allow you to upload photos, add links or create text. All you need is a single page to carve out your own piece of online real estate.

So, now you know that it is easy to do, but is it really necessary? If you are a professional in the medical, creative or media industries, it is necessary. However, it is also important if you are looking to establish yourself as an expert in a certain niche, but do not have an online presence. Even if you find ‘conventional’ employment’ after you complete your doctor of nursing practice online degree and go through a more structured recruitment process for hiring, it is still a good idea to create a web page. Who knows, you may decide to expand your career into writing books or conducting medical research.


When you create a web page, you are in total control of the image that is presented online. This means that you can customize font size, background photos, and placement of text. This is different to the standard profile everyone has on LinkedIn. With your personal website, you can let your creativity shine through.

When a recruiter or potential employer comes across your web page, they get an instant representation of the type of person you are. Keep in mind, if you are creating the website for employment purposes, do not include pictures from your trip to the Caribbean, or the birthday party you had for your fur baby. Be sure that the photos are professional. Headshots are best.

Instant Portfolio/Resume

It is a fact that in this new digital age, men and women have become more visual. This means that you can show them better than you can tell them. For example, your resume may state that you worked as a pediatric nurse for six years before receiving a doctorate in nursing practice degree. However, what if you had a link on your website took them to the hospital newsletter where your work was showcased by the hospital administration?

By showing visual representations of your work along with text, you will have an online presence of your identity and work experience.

Recruiters Are Able to Find You

Although 40% of recruiters use social media as a part of the screening process, an even greater number use it informally. It should also be noted that interviewers and hiring managers look at the social media profiles of prospective employees.

If a recruiter tries to find your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile after receiving your resume, your profiles may be lost in the sea of others that have the same name. On the other hand, an URL link included on your resume will send the recruiter to your personal web page.

So, are you convinced? There are many companies with free and easy services so you can create an instant web page. Be sure to include links to social media profiles, your mission statement, and a way for them to contact you.