Great Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to grow and communicate with your audience. But, it does take some work. Send out dull, pointless emails and people will soon be unsubscribing or sending you straight to their spam folder. Here are some tips to help make your email marketing an effective tool for growing your business.

Email marketing
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Email gives you the ability to personalise content in a way that other platforms can’t. Send viewers what they want to see, such as content and offers that are valuable to them. Use an email marketing platform to segment your email list using a customer’s personal history.


Great content, and a strong voice, can allow you to talk to your customers and engage them, instead of talking at them. Make them feel valued. Ask questions, and give them ways to respond. You should also make sure it’s easy for them to unsubscribe if they would like to. Don’t force yourself on anyone.

Subject Lines

Make it catchy. Subject lines are the first thing people see before they open the email. If its generic and boring, they may not even open the email before deleting.

Grow Your List

Make sure it’s easy for people to sign up. Have a clear form on your website, and explain why it would be beneficial for them to subscribe. You can also use services like to find and verify emails yourself, but make it clear that recipients can opt in or out, and that they haven’t been automatically subscribed.

Don’t be Spam

There are some ways to avoid being caught by spam filters. A few tips include avoiding using too may capitals, avoid spammy words, such as “free” or “winner”, and making sure you write in proper English with good grammar.

Include Images

Make sure your emails look good. Include images and infographics. Make sure your content is interesting and your email looks great. Make people want to read it.

Be Mobile Friendly

Test your emails out for yourself, on a range of different devices. Most people now read their emails on a smartphone, so they need to offer the same great user experience across all devices.

Track Results

Most email marketing platforms allow you to track your results. Take an in-depth look at your analytics to find out what is working. Who opens what? Which emails lead to sales? Maximise efficiency where you can, and change what isn’t working.

Make Emails Valuable

No one wants email versions of what’s on your website. This will soon have people unsubscribing. Make your email content valuable. Have subscriber-only deals or offer subscribers advanced previews. Alternatively, just be entertaining and engaging, so your readers look forward to receiving your emails.

It may come as a surprise as very few of us communicate via email anymore, but email marketing is still incredibly effective when used the right way. Try all of these tips to find what works for you and your business.