5 Signs That You Need a New Website

As you will already be aware, digital marketing plays a significant part in the success of many businesses. When it’s done well, it results in high levels of lead generations and conversions. If your website isn’t performing well, then not only will it discourage potential customers from leaving your site, if your site looks unprofessional then this could impact your reputation on a whole.

Building a new website, web development
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A website is your online shop window to show your customers your wonderful services and products. If your website is struggling, then no one is going to want to go through with a sale. You need to spend time and effort getting your website right. Now, there are changes that you can make to your existing website to improve it but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and move onto a completely new website.

  1. Slow loading pages – Visitors to your website will get hugely frustrated if your pages aren’t loading fast enough. A frustrated visitor very rarely converts to a customer. If your pages are loading slowly then you may need to look at a new website. Page speed is influenced by the amount of traffic on the server, whether your pages are optimized and a number of other factors such as which web host you are with. Hosts like Planet hippo hosting can help you choose the right hosting plan to ensure your website’s pages are loading quickly.
  2. Not Mobile Responsive – For the last few years, the internet has been accessed via smartphones more than through any other device. This means that it is more important than ever to have a website that is mobile responsive. Many older websites will not be set up for this and you could be losing out on a lot of potential leads due to this.
  3. Difficult to upload/manage content – If your website content management system is taking forever to upload content and you’re finding it difficult to get your content onto the site how you want it, then you may want to check if an alternative CMS will help you to manage your content easier. You can waste a lot of time with formatting, file uploading etc. so if there are options that will save you significant amounts of time then it is worth exploring.
  4. Frequently offline – If your website is continually going offline then there are a number of reasons this could be. If it is because your web host is doing lots of maintenance behind the scenes then maybe you need a new host. If your website is offline, you can’t attract customers. If it is offline at that crucial when they visit, they are unlikely to come back a second time.
  5. Out of storage – This probably goes without saying but if you’ve got the stage where you have run out of storage space then you can’t upload any more content. Rather than deleting your less important content, you might be best switching to a hosting plan that offers more storage.