How IT Has Opened Up Further Education

The days of attending a college campus to obtain a degree could be coming to an end as the growth in online degree programs bucks the trend of falling college enrollments. Today's prospective graduates need flexibility and that's exactly what they can expect from an online degree program.

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Online degree programs used to have a bad reputation with degree mills churning out worthless pieces of paper, but all that has changed now with some of the leading institutions in the world offering accredited programs online.

Students Can Study Where They Like When They Want To

Instead of being locked into a class schedule on a university campus, online students can fit their college work in around their other commitments. All they need is a computer and an internet connection.

This enables students to fit their studies around work and family life. Increasingly the students enrolling for college courses are older, so these students need the flexibility that comes with an online degree program.

An online degree course also allows students to continue working full-time while they study, which makes the financial burden of a degree more bearable.

Colleges Offer a Wide Range of Online Degree Programs

Online degree programs have really hit their stride now and colleges and universities offer hundreds of different courses to students looking to study for a new career.

The majority of courses are offered at the bachelor’s level, but recent years have seen an expansion of the courses available at the master’s level.

Students can choose from such diverse offerings as an online criminal justice degree and an online civil engineering degree, to the newer, specialist offerings like an online master in health informatics degree. An online MSHI degree course combines information technology with healthcare to deliver the cutting edge healthcare systems that today's complicated healthcare industry needs.

Online Degrees Open Up New Career Opportunities

In the past, one degree could suffice for the duration of a well-paid career. That no longer holds true. Employers expect a qualified and adaptable workforce, and they are less inclined than ever before to undertake the necessary training in-house, which leaves the onus on the employee to obtain the training and qualifications that they need to find good employment in a challenging job market.

Being able to study for additional or new qualifications arms employees with the tools that they need to stay competitive and move with a fast changing working environment.

Leaving paid employment is out of the question for most people once they have a family and a mortgage to pay, so part time study with an online degree program is a very attractive option.

Accessibility has changed the world as we know it. Entire industries have disappeared and new ones have sprung up to replace them. A job is no longer for life, and as automation improves over the coming years, many once secure jobs are expected to disappear entirely. Thankfully IT also enables people to more easily retrain for the new more technical roles of the future.

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