Are You a Designer? Self-Diagnose Today with the 15 Key Signs

Have you seen the memes about designers that’s doing their rounds on Facebook and 9gag? Have you laughed every time you have come across it? Wait! That just means you exactly know why they are funny and that means you might just be one of the “stereotyped” designers.

Are you graphic designer

Before you start looking for a mirror, grimacing at this article, let us do a few point checks. Let us see how many of these “symptoms” you have, and then we can diagnose if you are a designer or not.

  1. Your favorite letter

  2. Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone! You can confess to us if you are in love with a letter. So much so that you love to dress it up in all available styles. You have even tried to include it in every possible design in marquee you have come across.

  3. Clipart is also art

  4. You have got into numerous debates with your muggle friends about the expanse of art. And you still believe that clipart is indeed a form of art. You have a folder of folders in your PC that has the perfect clipart for every occasion. From a perfect smile to be embedded on a dental website, to a 5-inch heel for a model portfolio, you have the right clipart.

  5. Dinner ditching

  6. Do you remember restaurants by the typography of their menus rather than their signature dishes? Have you simply foregone the taste of lobster thermidor simply because the type choices were distasteful? You may even have a long list of teed off dates simply because you were fuming over the poor lettering choices that became the prime topic of the evening conversation.

  7. The FedEx logo makes you smile

  8. It isn’t the rain or the sun; it’s simply negative spaces and their clever use that makes your day. You live for the day when you create something in the league of the FedEx logo or The Guild of Food Writers’ logo. You may even have a secret collection of the works of Alexander Johnson, Ben Farrow and Caroline Remy.

  9. Kerning is your pet peeve

  10. You are always up for perfection. You are the kind of person who loves sit down brunches so you can straighten the cutlery. It’s not a habit; it’s a compulsion that you live for. The city is teeming with kerning opportunities. How come no one else sees them?

  11. You have a collection of old containers and bottles

  12. Well, who doesn’t? Especially when the labels are so unique and beautiful! You have even created a separate folder for bookmarking websites with remarkable typographies. It’s after all nothing less than an art collection!

  13. Your shopping cart always has something from the pantone artifacts

  14. We completely believe it when you say, you never wanted that PANTONE 15-5425 iPhone cover or the PANTONE Chips Journal for 2017, but you thought they’d make great Christmas gifts! But then again, you find it really difficult to part with them once they are delivered to your doorstep.

  15. You can color code a rainbow

  16. The rainbow is never made of only seven colors anymore, is it? The moment you see a rainbow or a sunset, your brain automatically switches to the CMYK or Hex more. You could replicate every color pattern you ever saw on any website you create.

  17. You like to be challenged

  18. You like to see solutions in the problems. The moment you are faced with a serious task, you switch your game mode on. There is nothing more satisfying than to find the right solution to every problem hurled towards you. You love challenging website designs where you can use limited resources to meet high standards.

  19. You add personality to stock images

  20. This mostly happens while designing portfolios and business websites. You can find suitable images from the unknown abysses of the internet and make a doctor’s chamber look like the happiest place on earth. Every medical professional and dentist seeks your services to add some personal touch to their websites.

  21. Organization is salvation

  22. Everything has its own place, and for good reason. You love working on the grid and lining things up to every pixel. This compulsive desire for harmonizing everything extends from your laptop screen to your kitchen. You find an order in chaos that others almost always cannot find.

  23. Your mind palace is made up of color swatches

  24. You can relate almost every emotion to a color. When troubled, you can sneak into your mind palace of Pantone, RAL, RGB and CMYK without any hesitation. You love color swatches. As a matter of fact, you have a secret stash of swatches of clothing, paint samples and print samples that calm you down.

  25. Coffee is the sixth food group

  26. Your morning is incomplete without a cuppa Joe. It can be 9 a.m. or 3 a.m., your coffee flask is always full and you are always well caffeinated. The amount of coffee in your system is directly proportional to your social qualities. And almost all of your papers have carefully curated brown ring patterns on them by the end of your workday.

  27. You are the Pole Star in a sea of templates

  28. Be it a fashion store website or a dentist’s portfolio, you know where to find the right template. You have the best collection of templates already sorted out for future emergencies. If not, you know every nook and cranny of website designing that can give you the best offers for interesting templates.

  29. Judging a business by the card

  30. You totally judge a person and his business by the choice of color and lettering on his business card.

Do you identify with one or more of these symptoms? Then we can guarantee that you are a true designer. Designing isn’t just a profession, it is a way of life. You see design everywhere and we think it is awesome!

Author Bio: Maria Jones is a website and SEO expert. She has dabbled quite a bit in website optimization. You can find unique her unique touch in the most impossible of places. From dental SEO marketing to wine and dine specials, she has marketing solutions for every website.