Designing a Two-Letter Logo to Improve Your Branding

Logos are the most recognizable symbol of any brand. But not all logos are created equal. Some are so memorable they've become part of pop culture, like the Nike Swoosh or the Mountain Dew icon. Others are easily forgotten like—well, we would have used them in the first example if we remembered them.

Every brand's goal is to create a logo that's easy to remember. One of the best ways to do this is with a lettermark logo. Lettermarks use the brand's initials to create a single symbol that helps customers recognize the brand at a moment's notice.

While initials may seem like just two small letters, there are actually dozens of ways to turn them into a cool icon. The team at Company Folders, a printer that also works with clients to create custom logo designs, proves this point with their collection of the most creative and popular techniques for two-letter logo designs. These 31 lettermark logo styles offer all the inspiration you need to create a cool new logo for your brand.

logo design infographic