Santa Claus Mobile Apps to Discover

Every year millions and millions of kids around the world catching Christmas fever and start to ask their parents to get them to meet him. And every good parent always wants to satisfy this demand. For a long time everything you could possibly do were getting your child in the mall to meet with bearded legend himself or to dress as Santa and bring the magic to your home.

Nowadays however there is more to it, there are a lot of applications and internet sources that can help you with this task.

N.O.R.A.D. - it’s actually an app but a whole Santa’s secret service control panel. Its looks like you managed to get your hands on something from Bond movies. A lot of cool features including live Santa location tracking and more. Your kid probably won’t get everything by himself, but with your help you can be №1 parent who actually managed to find and track Santa. Imagine the possibilities!

P.N.P. (Portable North Pole) – It as good as it sounds. Everything that your kid is possibly can wish for is in here. Just by few simple clicks you can create personalized video for your child. And they are actually good, very good and hilarious in some way. The videos are made is the ways to include your son’s name, age and you even can include something you wish him to do (clean up his room or eat vegetables etc.). And don’t forget the calls. Yes, you heard it, you can arrange the call from Santa himself (and personalize them). Features just keep on coming. Yes, some of them are premium only and it comes with the fee, but it’s totally worth the smile on your kids face.

Catch a character application – It is exactly what it sounds: simple yet very effective way to convince your small child that Santa (or other magic character) was actually tonight in his room and he just missed him. Yes, he may be upset at first but when he sees all the presents and stuff he immediately forgets about everything. And it’s simple, you just take a picture of the room, choose the character from the templates and place him at photo so he looks more believable. It won’t convince anyone who older than 3, but for one year old kid it will be the life experience!

Reroute Santa source – Is even more simpler. If you happen to move to another location during Christmas holidays and your little kid is afraid Santa won’t find him, you can use this website. It’s very simple and can probably convince your kid that everything is alright and Santa will find him. (But you need to good internet connections so the video wont lag, just saying)

Santa Magic Phone – It’s an great app for parent who want to discover what their kids are wishing for(without them knowing it). With help of this app your kids can call Santa, you can disguise your calls as one of Santa’s elves. Many other cool features like simple games and coloring books. It’s just amazing how much you can do with it, and more importantly – ITS FREE.

Santa Claus facts and mobile apps

In conclusion I want to say that as I always believed that the moment to stop believing in Santa is the moment you stop being a kid and become a teen. So, as a parent you need to do everything in your power to make your child’s dreams last longer. And know, with all this tech and software on the market you can actually bring some of the magic you believed, when you were just a kid, to your child’s life, and this is awesome.