5 Critical Elements Every Successful Website Has

What kind of first impression does your website make? When you step back, do you like what you see?

That first impression matters for your bottom line. According to a recent survey, 56% of website visitors are more likely to make a purchase if they find that the website meets their expectations. Does your site stack up?

Website design

If you think your website could use an update, then you’re probably right.

A beautiful website can bring in more revenue for your business, but you might be turning people away without even realizing it. Building out a successful business website can be a major challenge, since every element needs to work together in harmony. You may not have the skills to build a new website on your own, but it’s a good idea to be familiar with the major elements every site needs to succeed, since it will help you communicate with whomever you hire. Before you move forward, take a look at these 5 critical elements that every successful website needs.

1. Simple Design and Navigation

You have so much to say about your great products or services that you can’t fit it all on your homepage! Good thing you don’t have to. Keeping it simple is one of the foundations of good web design. Don’t clutter the homepage with endless menus (aim for 5-10 items at most!) — the design should be simple, clean, and easy to navigate.

Why simple? Because people will easily become overwhelmed or irritated by the amount of information to absorb. Your homepage has to make a good impression in order to keep your audience’s attention, so make it attractive and easy to navigate. Visitors shouldn’t have to search for the information they want. Make it easy for them to learn more about you and become customers!

2. Space

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to text. Smart use of space is one of the best tools designers have for helping text to stand out, making the interface look smart and clean, and inviting visitors into the website. Here are just a few innovative principles of using space in website design:

  • All elements on the page of the same type should have consistent spacing.
  • Lots of space around an element will make that element pop.
  • Space doesn’t have to be white. It just refers to the areas of the website without photos, text or additional elements.

Using space as part of the site’s overall design can make for a more attractive and compelling website.

3. SEO Optimization

Organic traffic from search engines is key for growing your business, so make it easy for search engines to find you! SEO optimization includes choosing the right keywords, then optimizing the code and text of the site around those keywords.

What would you search if you were looking for a business like yours? Do some research to see how competitive your terms are — you’re less likely to come up in relevant searches for more popular keywords. Once you’ve settled on your keywords, SEO optimization has to be incorporated into the code, including the keywords, meta titles, page titles, and more.

4. Mobile-Friendly

How often do you look at websites on your computer anymore? Probably not as much as you used to. With sophisticated mobile devices following us everywhere, it’s important to ensure your site looks great on any device. Whether that means a dedicated mobile site, or just a mobile-friendly main site, it pays to make the experience work for anyone, anywhere.

5. Contact Information

This may seem obvious, but you should always, always make it easy for customers to contact you! How many times have you visited a site and had to search all over for a contact form or any information on how to get in touch? Don’t let your site be part of those ranks! Your site should have a clear, easy-to-find contact form or page that lets customers effectively communicate with you quickly and conveniently.

Test it Out

Not sure what your ideal website looks like yet? That’s okay! You can always go back and make changes later. When building your new site, make sure you’re paying attention to these 5 elements, but remember that nothing needs to be permanent. Reassess in a few months if the uptick in traffic isn’t significant, and try something new. Building a great website isn’t easy, but with some work, you can find the right design that will help your business become successful.