5 Ways to Increase the Visual Impression of Your Product

The consumer choice is mostly based on the relative visual appeal of competing products. Studies suggest that visual impressions will enable consumers to distinguish products. Seeing more images of a product can easily affect the perceptions, attractiveness or reduce distinctiveness of a product. It is not uncommon for consumers to search for images of a product that they are planning on buying on Google. The more attractive the images are, the higher the chances of them considering the product.

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One way of looking at how big brands make use of visuals for the first impression is by looking at the electronics companies like Apple, Sony and Samsung. On their website, you will notice that they use riveting images of their products. This plays a great role in influencing the choices of their target consumers. This is something you should also consider doing when marketing your products. But what exactly do you need to do to command more attention.

1. Use great photos

The quality of your images will have a significant impact on the visual impression you end up making. It is very important that you make sure that you use the right images. There is no harm in hiring a professional photographer to take photographs of your product. You have to ensure that your photos reflect how the product really looks like. You need also to capture the best angle of your product, and make sure that the right aspect ratio as well as orientation is consistent. The background you end up using will also have an impact on the overall quality of your photos.

The common mistake that marketers make, even the big brands, is that of relying too much on the stock photos. Yes this option will save you time but it will cost you much more when your consumers find another brand using the same photo as you. It is better to take your own custom photos than to use copied images. This is the best way to earn the trust of consumers.

2. Write detailed descriptions

Images alone are not enough. You need to supplement the images with great content. While photos are the immediate things that grab the attention of customers, to keep those customers on your website, you have to add riveting content. The power of words is not one you should take for granted.

The product description you create should provide your customers with the product overview as well as the key features. The goal here is to show consumers how the product will change or improve their lives. Paint a more detailed picture of your products with your words. Don’t forget to add the benefits of using your product, customer reviews as well as related products. If you have no idea on what to do, take a page from the major electronics companies and retail stores. How they present their products will definitely give you some inspiration.

3. Use colors, fonts and icons

To make your store standout, you need to change the design. Don’t use the standard templates that every other online store is using. Change up the design a little bit. You can start by changing how the control panel looks. Change the fonts, colors, images and margins on the control panel. Again, taking a look at what other companies are doing will give you some inspiration. The rule of thumb, however, is never to copy and paste what your competition is doing. You will appear unoriginal.

Regardless of what you are selling and how attractive your product images are, if you don’t present your products in a visually appealing manner, you will not get as much attention as you crave. The design of your website is what shapes the overall appeal of your online store. Always delight your consumers by using pleasantly looking images. This will reward you with more sales.

4. Learn more about the psychology of color

The power of colors can be seen in the report of WishPond. WishPond reported 14.5% increase in their conversion after changing the color of their call-to-action button from green to yellow. Changing two links in a manner that they contrasted from one another further lead to 60% increase in conversion.

To effectively apply the psychology of color, you need to start by being consistent with the filters and colors. You need to use colors consistently in order to elicit specific emotions within your content. Filters provide a sense of consistency and make your posts more recognizable especially on social media.

You also need to properly set your fonts and color palettes. These are great visual design elements. They help influence recognition.

5. Use different visual contents

Combining different types of visual content will further increase the visual impression of your content. Do not just make use of images. Even though images lead to 180% more engagement and approximately 94% more view rate, you need also to make use of infographics, videos, memes and presentation among other visual contents. By doing this, you will be able to reinforce each of the strategies you will be using and subsequently boost the visual impression of your content.

Visual appeal is very important when it comes to product marketing. This is why creating a stronger visual impression must always be a priority. Always make sure that you have amazing product images and use a combination of visual content to reinforce your brand. You should also share your content across different channels.

The above points will definitely help you get started on the right foot when it comes to boosting the visual impression of your product. You must never hesitate to work with experts in product marketing. They understand visuals better than you do and will definitely help you achieve your objectives. However, before you allow the most experienced expert to work for you, make sure that you clearly explain your objectives to him.

Author Bio

Betty King is an experienced brand marketer with more than 20 years of experience. She relies more on images and advocates for the use of digital signage templates by Dopublicity.com because of the flexibility they give in marketing. You can find her on LinkedIn.