The Future of Interaction: Beyond the Touchscreen

Computer technology has been improving steadily since the 1960s, with incredible leaps forward at regular intervals. Processing power, graphic rendering, local storage, and the devices which bring everything together have changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us. But what about the way we interact with these devices?

The mouse and keyboard have been a long standing staple of interaction with computers, but this is rapidly changing. Smartphones have put the full range of computer function in the palm of your hand. Touchscreens are at the center of this technological revolution, enabling greater functionality and innovation in a world that moves as fast as we can handle. But there are always people looking for the next big thing to take hold.

There is always room for innovation. Where touchscreens are ubiquitous in modern society, we can only imagine as to what could take their place. Motion sensing could allow for hands-free interaction with devices not unlike present day Virtual Reality. Flexible displays would be ideal for portability and storage while simultaneously increasing product resistance to accidental damage. Holograms are still being researched, and may be able to offer an interesting and unique way of interacting not just with devices but the world around us. It may even be possible for a sensor to detect your thoughts and translate them into actions on a linked device.

The future is anything but certain. With technological advances springing up around the world and innovators creating bold new ideas, we can only imagine as to the interactive technology of tomorrow. From augmented reality through holographic lenses to controlling your preferred devices with your thoughts, the world we live in is primed for some amazing things. And it's not just science fiction anymore: this technology is right around the corner.

future computer technology infographic
Source: ShopSmart