9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website


When an average person thinks about a website for business, he/she usually fancies a site serving traditional functions of announcing the business’ existence and offering information on its location, services/products and possibly prices. Not many know that a modern website or online shop can be not only a 24/7 source of information about the business venture or a mere online shopping outlet but also a great tool that attracts visitors and converts them into buyers at a new level made possible by cutting-edge technologies. Continue reading

Software to Help Your Startup Achieve Success


Businesses of every size rely on software to be more efficient. For small business owners who need to run multiple functions, having the right software that's in line with their company's budget is crucial for startup success. Here is a list of business apps that get the job done. Continue reading

How to Use Online and Offline Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website


About 40 percent of the worldwide population has some type of Internet connection, a number that has grown from only one percent in 1993. As of 2014, there were more than three billion users on the Internet. You would think that, with that many people online, finding new leads for your business would be easy. Continue reading

Creating Website for Game Developer and Publisher


Each businesses niche has own audiences, needs and peculiarities that must be present in the website design. The task of Quartsoft as an outsource company is to understand such peculiarities before the web development starts, at the stage of research and business analysis, prototyping and drawing dependencies between the particular business model and exact solution for each client. Continue reading

Three Ways to Minimize Your Risk of a Cyberattack


Cybercrime statistics are constantly on the rise, with some very worrying figures published when it comes to small businesses and the amount of risk they face when dealing with cybersecurity. What is even more worrying, however, is the lack of knowledge on the subject displayed by not only a huge number of business owners, but employees who are dealing with sensitive or important business data daily, potentially putting the company at risk of a hacking attack due to a lack of knowledge. Continue reading

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