Online Shopping Habits [Infographic]

You probably have heard that human nature is innate and behavior patterns are constant. Most of the people confuse behavior with habits. Habits are acquired attributes and they evolve in response to the environment. You are probably wondering why i'm giving you this philosophy lecture. It is because I want to give you an overview of evolving online shopping habits. Online shopping or eCommerce has completely revolutionized the retail scenario of the world. Backup up by heavy funding and mass-scaling, they are able to provide whopping discounts which are not viable for brick and mortar businesses to provide.

According to a survey, only 45% of the participants preferred Online shopping (No, not everyone prefer eCommerce and in fact, it is the minority). Contrary to the commonly believed misconception, it is the Gen Z (18 - 24) who spend the highest proportion of their income on online shopping. As they are the lowest earning group, it is natural to go wrong. But if we factor in the facts that they are the highest proportion of internet users and being the least income group, they are believed to spend more time hunting for better deals and discounts. Obviously, eTailers offer the best discounts most of the times. Older generations on the other hand, are less tech-savvy and some prefer instant buying instead of having to wait a few days to get the product.

According to Quantcast and Alexa metrics, men spend an average of 10 minutes and women 12 minutes before making a purchase online. Well, it's an obvious fact that women are slow shoppers. Coming to the category-wise statistics, Clothing and apparel top the list followed by Food-related goods, computers and electronics. For a better visualization, I have also put together an infographic depicting the online shopping habits and related facts and figures.

eCommerce shopping habits
Infographic created by DTDCTrack