The Importance of Online Feedback for Ecommerce Businesses


I have personally been here, I have ran eCommerce businesses ever since I was just 16 years old! I started off doing affiliate marketing where feedback was no concern to me and the companies I was marketing dealt with all of the feedback themselves and also the complaints, if any. Continue reading

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The Shark Tank Formula for Startup Success [Infographic]


We live in an age now where there are new and innovative startups rising up almost every day - almost as frequently as they are falling apart. It’s no secret that starting a startup is a difficult endeavor; it takes a lot more than just ambition and a strong aptitude for the market, it also takes time, practice, skill, a smart business plan, and a little bit of luck. The majority of startups fail in the beginning, and not because they have bad ideas – it’s because entering the business world is like entering a shark tank. Continue reading

5 Things a Web-Based Startup Needs to do Before Launching Their Business


Today’s digital age has enabled many entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into a reality. With the help of the Internet, entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to launch successful web-based startups. Continue reading