18 Tips to Make Your Magento Store Better

Disclaimer: Instructions given in this article are simply a guidance to follow during the Magento store design stage and before moving on to the development.

Magento website design article
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    Home Page

    The main rule here is “don’t overdo it!” It’s hard to resist the temptation to put in some more information about your products and services so try to restrain yourself and not to lose your common sense.

  1. Too many products. You cannot just stuff them all on one page (we are talking about big stores now). However, you can share links to your special offers or new products in an appealing way. Large product photos or a slideshow (a 3D image slider called CU3ER http://www.progressivered.com/cu3er/ for example) is likely to attract customers’ attention.
  2. Too many product categories. It is advisable to add only the top level categories to the home page. Each category should have an icon reflecting the essence of the products in it along with a short introduction for a better usability. It is like making a breadcrumb trail for online buyers to navigate to the items they are looking for on your web store.
  3. Lack of information on new product arrivals or news for buyers. You should publish links to your store news to show your customers that your site is alive and business is functioning. You could display your Twitter or Facebook live-feed or links to the latest posts on your business blog. Let the visitors of your website know that you are a growing and active company.
  4. Use modern technologies wisely. If you have a video presentation for products you are selling, show it on the home page. If you have a cool flash animation teaser, use it! Just make sure you keep the home page neat.
  5. Make sure you have enough information on what your online shop sells, how customers can buy your products, and how the purchased goods can be delivered. Pretty often, this kind of information is hard to find or nonexistent on lots of web stores which is wrong.
  6. User-Friendly Product Search

    This is by far one of the most important selling tools especially for big online stores. Offer your customers a powerful tool for the advanced search by price and various attributes. When visiting your online shop buyers have only your site features to guide them. It is not like with a brick and mortar store where a sales person can communicate with every visitor personally to consult and suggest things. So having a product that is difficult to find leaves your customers frustrated and makes your business lose money.

  7. Search bar MUST be on every page of the online store.
  8. Use advanced search. Don’t deprive your customers of its conveniences.
  9. Search with autosuggestion. Fortunately, Magento already has such a wonderful feature by default.
  10. This option lets customers fill in a search query faster and correctly to easily find a product they are looking for.

    Breadcrumbs and a built-in navigation prevent a customer from being lost on your site.

  11. Show your customer where he/she is at the moment using the navigation path (breadcrumbs). For example, the customer can see he/she is at the Accessories Page now, and he/she can go back to Store or Home Page.
  12. Show the customer possible further ways to go. Don’t rely on a dropdown menu only but add hierarchical text blocks of product category links to pages.
  13. Category Pages and Lists

  14. Think about how many product categories you are going to show on a single page. The list should not have too many items though. Remember to be reasonable.
  15. Show the number of products in each category.
  16. Use call to action buttons / links such as Buy and Add to Cart next to the products displayed in the category lists for customers to buy quicker without having to go to the product page.
  17. Product Page

  18. First of all you should convince a customer to buy this very item and buy it in your shop.
  19. The first impression of the product is really important! Try to give any information about the product you believe might nudge the buyer to make a purchase decision.

    Additional Recommendations

    Price: make it clearly visible; don’t try to make it visually smaller.

    Add to Cart button: make it clear, clean, bright, big and easily noticeable. On the other hand, the Wish List button should be less noticeable because it is not that purchase stimulating.

    Payment: the more payment methods you offer the better. Paypal, Google Wallet, all major credit cards, invoices etc.

    Sharing with friends: let your customers share the products they like with their friends. This feature perfectly implemented in Magento.

  20. Use extensions like Featured Products and Related Products.
  21. Shopping Cart

  22. Clearly show items and their number in the Shopping Cart. There should be an easy way for a buyer to change the number of any item or remove it.
  23. Make the Related Products section visible while adding products to the cart. It helps sell more. A buyer can be unaware of some accessories available in your online shop unless you display them. So the saying “the more you have the more you want” may actually work in this case.
  24. Checkout

  25. Make it as simple and convenient as possible. Don’t torture buyers with complicated forms during the registration and checkout.
  26. A single page checkout would be the best. But of course it may not be acceptable for some cases.

    The checkout process is the vital moment of a successful sale. The majority of deals interrupt at this stage.


  27. Don’t even try to start development without a detailed specification and accurate design mockups. You’ll simply lose your time and gain a headache thinking up what has been missed by designers and the customer.

Based on the translated article from blog.varshevsky.com.

Translation: Olga Semenova

Editor: Dmytro Nesterov