The Oldest Businesses Still in Operation [Infographic]

Economically successful countries have something in common. They care about and protect people’s businesses and property. As a result there are lots of businesses that have been around for centuries in those countries. Oftentimes those businesses are owned by generations of the same family which is an evidence of the favorable business climate created by the government and supported by average citizens. Lots of today’s most developed European countries as well as Japan can boast of quite a few companies that are still in operation after more than three hundred years of being in business. It’s obviously that thriving businesses are conducive to country’s economic and cultural development. Since all kinds of companies outsource their web / mobile design and development needs to QuartSoft, we decided to create an infographic dedicated to the longest living businesses. We hope that this infographic will draw attention not only to our team but also attract customers and tourists to businesses mentioned in the infographic. Click the image to enlarge.

The Oldest Businesses Still in Operation, infographic
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Editor: Dmytro Nesterov