Cloud and Mobile - a Match Made in Heaven

Cloud technology has taken the market by scruff of its neck. It has completely bamboozled the users with its features and offerings. The rapid rise of cloud is a stuff of legends because no other technology has seen an upward curve like this ever.

One other technology that has been a hit in the last 10 years is that of smartphones. They have completely transformed the way people used to live life. On a professional level, users can now edit various documents on the move, give presentations, e-mail contacts and schedule meetings among other things. On a personal level, instant messaging, high graphic gaming and social media have kept the users engaged.

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The combination of cloud and mobile is the next big thing. The developers have seen a window of opportunity which they can exploit to everyone’s advantage. The big reasons for the opening of such a window is:

1. World is going mobile

  • As stated earlier, the market of mobile phones have grown tremendously. People are flocking in the stores to buy the meanest machine. All the electronic majors have a version of their mobile floating in the market.
  • The frantic supply has created an insatiable appetite amongst the users which is compelling the companies to leave no stone unturned in order to find a technology that would satisfy the need of the consumer. 


2. Even Your Grandma Can Do The Installation

  • Manual installation of an app is a work that is very painstaking and cumbersome task. So a conscious effort is made by the developers that the installation of app is automated.
  • Cloud apps are a very easy way out when it comes to installation roadblock. Apps on the cloud are either one that do not require any installation or have an automated installation, eradicating the problem altogether.

3. Yay, says the developer

  • The news of applications on the cloud will come to developers as welcome one as developing the cloud apps is very convenient and cheap. The money paid to stores for app hosting would get thrown out of the window.
  • They don’t have to share their profit with app store and all. This extra money will be utilized in making better apps which is ultimately to consumer’s benefit. There are barriers to open cloud market as people are still unsure about cloud’s safety but with time these fears will also pass.

4. Developers Selling Like Hot Cakes

  • With all the benefits cloud has brought to the table, there is a need for more developers in the market. This demand bodes well for both the environments, cloud as well as app market. With increased competition developers will have to make top notch apps to survive and the virtual nature of developer’s work suits the cloud.
  • Cloud has also ironed out the doubts and issues related to mobile fragmentation creating a wider horizon for the techies to work upon.


All of the smartphone users use cloud computing in one way or the other. With better hardware capabilities on the horizon, the future of this alliance only looks bright and shiny.

Josephine Clark is a Cloud and Mobile Technology enthusiast and an avid writer. Other than working at QuickBooksCloudHosting DotNet, she actively participates in various forum discussions, writing blogs and articles on topics like latest mobile apps, updates of Operating systems, Cloud hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, etc.

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