Professional Website: How Much You Pay and What You Get


When you decide to have a website built for your business venture or personal needs the financial component of the deal is always one of the most important concerns you may have as a client.

As soon as you start looking for a web design and development service provider you’ll understand that there are myriads of offers ranging from amazingly cheap to exorbitantly-priced ones. However the wide array of prices for the same product makes the right choice even harder to make and raises more questions than answers.

To Have or Have Not: Mobile Phones in the Workplace


Mobile phones have taken over our personal lives, and they’re about to take over our professional lives as well. Information technology research and advisory firm Gartner estimates that half of the world’s corporations will require employees to purchase and use their own mobile devices for work purposes by 2017. With employees constantly connected, productivity should be on the rise around the globe, at least in theory. However, connectivity isn’t always the best thing from a business standpoint. Continue reading

Start-Ups to Put a Smile on Your Face


Editor’s Note: Our web design and development team has created a number of web solutions for start-ups. Unfortunately, none of them was purposed to make people smile. But with such an explosive technology evolution we hope to have all kinds of startup customers coming our way including those who want to create some amusing and positive products like the ones mentioned in the article below. Continue reading

How User Reviews Can be Used as Great Content for Your Business


Editor’s Note: Having created quite a few websites and mobile apps for online businesses, we know that user reviews are ones of the most powerful tools for boosting online sales. If you have not discovered the power of user reviews yet we can suggest reading the article below. Continue reading

Web Design for an Older Audience


Considering an Older User's Needs

An effective and user friendly website is important for older adults, who are now the fastest growing group of internet users. This demographic, which includes the baby boomer generation, are generally looking for websites which will focus on their specific needs and provide an overall positive experience. Continue reading