Logo Design by the Pros [Infographic]


Have you ever wondered what the most common brand logo might be? You've probably noticed that many brands use similar font, colors, and images in their logos. A new infographic highlights the results of a study on major brand logos offers some insight into the most common branding techniques. If you wanted to create a perfectly generic branding scheme, you'd need to use both the company name and a small logo - that's what 56% of the major brands analyzed did. Your company name would need to be in the Helvetica font, which is the most common font used by these companies. Continue reading

Attending GMIC 2013 or How to Survive in Beijing


Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC 2013) took place in Beijing, China, on May 7th and 8th. Pursuing new horizons in mobile applications development, our company could not miss this global event gathering over 10 000 industry professionals from all over the world. Continue reading

New Magento Extension Release: Automatic Related Products


Cross selling is another eCommerce trend that has boosted customer acquisition to another level. No wonder it has become so much popular with online store owners as any time a buyer want to purchase something online, a number of related accessories or similar and complementary products are immediately introduced to his or her attention. As a result customers who have already made up their mind on a purchase want to buy more or at least they’ve got seeds planted in their minds that there are other products that can go with the current purchase. Continue reading

Blogging for the $ake of Your Business


Do you know that 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog and as many as 81% of US-based online shoppers say they trust information and advice from blogs? No doubt, blogging has become one of the most powerful online marketing tools with a great potential of attracting leads and converting them to sales. If you would like to know why blogs are so awesome and how to leverage them for your business, you should join our upcoming free webinar entitled “Blogging for the $ake of Your Business”.

blogging for business webinar

Following the webinar that took place on the 20th June 2013, we would like to offer you the text version of the presentation.

A regularly updated blog can be a really powerful marketing tool for your business. Hopefully, if you are a newbie, at the end of this webinar you’ll want to build a blog to boost your company’s online performance or, if you already have a blog, you’ll grab some useful tips on how to improve your blogging experience.

I’ll tell you why having an active blog is so awesome for a business, what you can blog about, where to get content for your blog and how to engage blog readers and turn them into sales prospects and customers.

Why Your Company Should Make and Release a Mobile App


You hear about young people aspiring to become mobile app developers, rather than lawyers or doctors more often lately. It's no wonder; people are downloading mobile apps at record rates and app development teams are raking in big dollars. Continue reading