The Year of the Zettabyte and Cloud Security [Infographic]


We transfer more and more data of the internet every year. As 2016 approaches, we will soon be transferring a Zettabyte of data each and every year. But what is a zettabyte and why is it important?

In 2016, we will reach an amount of information passed via the internet, this amount is almost inconceivable when we put it in plain terms. This amount, the Zettabyte, is truly massive and shows our everyday life is starting to rely more and more on digital information. Continue reading

The SaaS, IaaS And PaaS Of Cloud Computing


Many of us are now not only familiar with the concept of cloud computing, but are using it in our daily personal or work lives. For those not familiar with it, cloud computing is the transfer and use of data to a location that exists virtually, versus storing and using that data on a computer's hard drive or other physical source. Continue reading

The Selling Power of Infographics


Infographics are shareable and attention-catching content which in fact can influence your customers’ purchase decisions and improve awareness of your brand. Inforgraphics are created for sharing and spreading any information you might want to share. Visually enhanced information is easier to digest especially if it is made in an unusual way, so people love visual content and any good infographic has a potential to reach up to millions of internet surfers and convert many of them into your customers. With such a viral power infographics seem to be one of the best ways to advertise your business and products. Lots of businesses try to wield this selling power today. In our free webinar we’ll discuss how infographics help acquire more prospects, showcase your brand and products, and thus boost your sales.

selling power of infographics webinar

Following the webinar that took place on April 25, 2013, we would like to share a summary of what was said during the event.

knowledge is power

They say: “Knowledge is power”!

But how to make knowledge powerful? Especially when knowledge exists in the form of data! Tons of data! How to find sense? Tell a story? Share it with others! The answer is infographics!!! Data needs DESIGN!

infographics, data needs DESIGN

Five Essential Character Traits of High Flying Entrepreneurs


Editor’s Note: Both established entrepreneurs and would-be founders of startups seeking for professional and affordable web and mobile solutions for their businesses are among our best customers. Their fresh ideas and enthusiasm help create new jobs and support economies of entire countries. The following article explains what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Logo More Attractive to Potential Customers


It is a very competitive market out there, no matter what your industry. Whether you are selling apples or smartphones, there are more competitors than ever, and only the strongest will survive. And there is a lot that goes into survival. You need a solid business plan, of course, and that will include a creative marketing plan and resourceful social media plan, just to name a few elements. You will have to stay up late crunching numbers and churning out ideas. You will need a talented, collaborative, supportive team. And you will need a logo. Continue reading