2013 Phone Expectations


Mobile World Congress 2013 is due to take place in Barcelona and is known for bringing forward new ideas and innovations from the main players of the smartphone market. So what can users expect to see this year?

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Importance of Branding Business Stationary


Editor's Note: Graphic design for branding is one of our company’s fields of expertize. We hope that a series of article related to graphic design and printing industry will help our customers understand the power of art and design in their brand promotion and marketing. Continue reading

Unique Promotional Ideas for Your Business That Take Advantage of the Web


Editor’s Note: Besides clients looking for complicated web and mobile solutions, our team is often approached by people who want to promote their existing businesses or make them more customer-appealing. They usually hire our illustrators and graphic designers to professionally design their promotional stuff. So we would like to share some tips on how exactly our existing and future customers can use our graphic design creations to make their brand more recognizable and promote their products. Continue reading

How to Manage Your E-Commerce Business and Increase Sales?


E-commerce is an increasingly popular trend with a huge market which has been predicted to grow only larger in the coming years. As people begin to spend progressively more time on the internet and businesses find ever more secure methods of online transactions, sales continue to trend upwards and present remarkable opportunities of profitability and success for e-commerce establishments. Continue reading

Mobile App Games - the Future of Gaming?


The gaming industry has undergone a seismic shift in the last 5 years. With the rise of the iPhone and other mobile devices, mobile gaming apps have started to drastically outsell their console games counterparts. This trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Continue reading