10 Smartphone Predictions for 2013

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10 Smartphone predictions for 2013 is a bit like any kind of prediction, it could be right or it could be wrong. After all despite the Mayans' best guess the world has not ended and the year 2013 is well under way.

future smartphone predictions

While this next year is sure to bring about an overuse of jokes about the Mayans, there are also other things that are going to happen during this year as well. While there is no way to actually predict the future, we can indeed make some good guesses and the following are ten good guesses about the future of smartphones in the coming year.

Smartphones are Going to Get Smarter

Someone had to say it first before this quip became unoriginal (though it probably has already) but the fact is that smartphones are going to continue to improve. Everyday new apps and developments in Smartphone technology are being developed which makes the smartphone able to do more.

A few years ago most smartphones had very limited voice recognition capability but now almost every smartphone has excellent ability to understand everything you say. It may be kind of obvious but there is no doubt that smartphones will get smarter this next year.

Smartphones are Going to Get Cheaper.

Again this is another one of those brain-dead style predictions, but that doesn't make it any less true. The fact is that as more and more people begin to use smartphones these phones will get cheaper to make and thus will become less expensive in the market place.

It's the way things work regardless of what we are talking about. The question isn't even if smartphones are going to get cheaper, the question is just how cheap smartphones will get.

Smartphones will Begin to Completely Replace Computers at Home

This is actually probably already happening but this next year is going to see a trend towards families choosing to buy smartphones instead of computers. The fact is that at this moment in time a smartphone can do almost everything a computer can do.

Not only do smartphones nearly rival a computer's capability, but they are often less expensive and they can fit in a pocket, backpack or purse. This by no means alludes to the downfall of the computer after all until World of Warcraft becomes available on your Samsung, there will always be a reason to own a computer.

Apple will Release an Android Smartphone

This one is definitely going out on a limb but now that Steve Jobs has passed, it is an actual possibility. Not only is Apple releasing a smartphone a possibility, but it makes sense. Right now Apple has a very committed customer base, but that customer base has remained the same size for quite a long time.

In order for Apple to increase its market share in the various industries it has a presence in it will have to reach out to people who refuse to use Apple products because of their proprietary system. The one thing that could stop this from happening is that such a move by Apple could cost it the loss of some of its more fanatical consumers.

Hackers will Start Attacking Smartphones

This is kind of one of those things that has already sort of started to happen, but in reality, hackers still haven't really gone after smartphones in large numbers. One of the reasons smartphones are still relatively safe is that most hackers haven't really bothered to go after them.

However as smartphones become more and more used by people, they will naturally attract hackers. While right now your smartphone is safe, you may want to start thinking of ways to make sure it stays that way.

Smartphones will Cause New Crimes

With any new technology there is always a new kind of crime that comes along with it. The car created auto theft, the computer created hacking, so it just makes sense that there will be some new crime that is unique to the smartphone. Even if some new crime isn't part of the smartphone, old crimes will be committed in new ways with smartphone technology.

Smartphones will Start Using Thumb Print Security

Because of the fact that hackers and other criminals will be using smartphone technology in more malicious ways, smartphone manufacturers will start attempting to make smartphones more secure. One way this is going to happen is that most smartphones are going to come out with a default thumb print security feature.

Smartphones will be Used to Drive Cars

Another out on a limb prediction perhaps, but there are already apps out there that can back a car up, start it while you walk to it and more. Really, given the fact that all this is already happening, is it that far a reach to believe that someone will create an app that actually does all the driving for you? The question this creates of course is what is going to happen to your insurance premium.

Smartphones will Make Solving Crimes Easier

To an extent smartphones already help many individuals in law enforcement do their jobs better, but someone is going to develop an app that in some way improves the government's ability to prevent crime and catch criminals.

Whether this is an app that allows law enforcement agencies to spread information with the touch of a button or an app is developed that allows for forensic analysis of a crime scene by any officer on the scene is hard to say, but smartphones will play a part in fighting crime.

Smartphones will Take Over the World

Okay, so smart phones are probably not really going to take over the world, but they will continue to become a larger part of everyone's life.

If even half the above predictions turn out to be true, then there are some huge changes about to take place in the world of smartphones and those changes are going to affect all of us. While we are probably at least a couple years away from out first smartphone dictator, they are going to make a big push this year.


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