Leveraging Instagram as a Marketing Tool to Promote Your Brand


There is almost nothing that cannot be represented visually in today’s world. Healthy people perceive some 80% of information visually. Therefore visually displayed information can be easier to process and remember. In our age of haste and hurry there is nothing better for brand promotion than the ability to create visual content specially for attracting customers’ eyes, improving brand awareness and getting prospects, leads, and customers hooked on the brand. Continue reading

Luxury Home Accessories Web Store for Most Demanding Buyers


When a British luxury bed linen and home accessories vendor Josephine Home approached QuartSoft’s team of Magento engineers with a request for a professional online shop our eCommerce experts got really excited. This business’ luxury merchandise dictated the need for outstanding blend of web design and functionality. And it was going to be a challenging but interesting project. Continue reading

How to Find the Right Mobile and Cloud Application Development Company for Your Projects


We offer to your attention the transcript of the recent webinar held by QuartSoft’s Paul Ryazanov entitled “How to Find the Right Mobile and Cloud Application Development Company for Your Projects”.

finding IT workforce
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The IT world has changed completely. Cloud development and mobile development trends of 2012 will carry into 2013. The new “Social. Local. Mobile” trend is expected to further expand its marketing role. A growing competition between companies for customers and investors results in huge changes in business development and software development models. More companies attempt to focus on a specific niche and specific issues to be solved. Business ventures are looking for the ways to pre-empt the market with new solutions before their competitors in a more regular basis than it used to be.

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Free Webinar: How to Increase Your Online Sales in 2013


However good or bad your online business was doing in 2013 there is always a chance to boost your sales in 2013. Do you know that there is a good deal of tools and extensions specially designed for web stores to expand their marketing capabilities and get existing customers and prospects to notice their products and buy them? Some eCommerce extensions help online entrepreneurs better display their products and grab customers’ attention; others are designated for keeping customers updated on special offers, discounts and new arrivals. Continue reading

Turning Blog into eCommerce Bonanza


Following our recent publication about a Chinese art supplies business which started as a blog but later had a professional online store built by QuartSoft to meet their ever-growing eCommerce needs, we would like to mention our other customer whose web store branched off from a successful blog. Continue reading