QuartSoft Releases New Magento Extension to Attach Files to Products


A lot of owners of Magento-powered online stores experience the need to enable visitors to download files related to products in order to provide buyers with more detailed and useful information about the product and the store in general. There are quite a lot of reasons to attach files to product pages. Vendors might want to allow users download digital instructions, catalogues, demos, legal documentations, high resolution images, advertising materials etc. Continue reading

Migrating Magento Store to the Cloud: Moving It and Making It Faster


Once again we decided to write a blog post about the Magento platform with which our company has been working for four years. This time we want to touch on the subject of migrating Magento sites to cloud services. The first step would be migration of an existing live site.

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First Steps to Cloud Development


Traditional infrastructure generally necessitates predicting the amount of computing resources your application will use over a period of several years. If you under-estimate, your applications will not have the horsepower to handle unexpected traffic, potentially resulting in customer dissatisfaction. If you over-estimate, you’re wasting money with superfluous resources.

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Conversion Boosting Product Page Design for Online Stores


Product pages play an important role in the online store structure. A properly designed product page can increase conversions and the average purchase amount.

In this article we would like to share a few rules our eCommerce development team follows when building online stores for our customers from all over the world.

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BookMob: Another Success Story Strengthens QuartSoft’s Portfolio


Our customers’ success is our success. Building the foundation for our customers’ business ventures to make them get off the ground and potentially thrive, we cannot help but rejoice when we hear good news from another our client having made a home run in their business. And QuartSoft does have some gems in the company’s web design and development portfolio represented by businesses which proven success has been highlighted by various awards and nominations. Continue reading