Web-Based Applications for More Robust and Profitable Business

Every business has its own specific requirements to make its workflow run fast, smooth and efficiently. There are a lot of business applications which are designed to provide entrepreneurs with all kinds of benefits to make their business easier to manage or to make it more attractive and convenient for customers.

There are a lot of business applications around which have never gone beyond desktop models. Such applications are loosing their flexibility and usefulness with the advent of massively used web services which made a lot of desktops obsolete. Using Internet for business, shopping and entertainment has become a part of today’s society culture. After ordering goods and services online has grown from a habit to the lifestyle of millions of people all around the world, businesses can no longer ignore their web presence if they have even a slightest desire to be successful. Therefore business owners started transferring their activities online including their most important business applications. The Internet had allowed companies of all sizes to operate globally and they had to adjust their business applications to the opportunities the web could offer. Thus web-based business systems and SaaS solutions are in high demand in a new era of online business.

QuartSoft employs a team of professional web developers and web designers with a lot of experienced in building customized web-based business applications as well as in transferring existing desktop software to online versions.

Every project has its peculiarities based on a type of the customer’s business but every project is always about quality, stability and scalability of custom online solutions we build for companies. We work closely and individually with each and everyone of our customer in order to deliver the best possible result when building web applications for more robust and profitable online businesses.

Please, see below some examples of custom web-based applications we implemented for our customers.

Custom Business Application for Food and Catering Companies

application for restaurant orders, apps for food and catering business

LionCitySubs - a comprehensive online food ordering application which allows adding different products into the order according to customer’s desire and specifying the location for the order to be picked up in. The system is easily configurable for new locations and allows administrators to add new pick-up outlets “on the fly”. Online orders are sent as emails to a computer connected to a printer which automatically prints out new order details for the staff to start proceeding with the order asap.

Solutions for Online Radio Stations

application for online radio stations

HolonArtLabAudioService - an online radio station with a complete control over the media content, program schedule and live broadcasting. Using the Winamp media agent we have managed to ensure a stable online broadcasting service with play lists controls and other useful features. The system can automatically import/export files into Winamp format.

Applications for Real Estate and Business Data Companies

applications for real estate and rental companies

Rentfeeder - an automatic online lead generation service. The system uses multiple 3rd party technologies to create video clips for rental property, to generate templates to be uploaded to Craigslist and to integrate the system with social networks.

web-based business application for real estate agents

Diamond Data Mine - a business tool for a real estate company developed to enable search of information on property listings. The tool allows real estate agents, managers and realtors to use an online information platform with the access to the most recent data which can be organized and managed as needed for effective real estate sales and marketing. Our team has configured a CRM and implemented a SaaS version of the system to support the future online activity of the company.

If you have doubts about efficiency of your online business or you want to make your business even more popular with your customers through handy web-based business applications, please, feel free to contact our team for more information on how we can help you.