Get Your Online Store Built by Certified Magento Partners

A lot of businesses go online these days. Many companies, even small ones, understand the importance of being able to enable their customers to purchase from home using their computers and mobile devices without having to visit brick and mortar stores.

That’s why QuartSoft has been developing its ecommerce services as one of the most important items in the company’s portfolio since 2005. We had a chance to test quite a number of various eCommerce solutions including osCommerce, X-cart, VirtueMart and many others but after 3 years of experiments we set our choice on the eCommerce system called Magento (

Over the last 3 years we have tackled more than 50 projects powered by Magento. Eventually our team has qualified for the Magento Partners Program to become an official Magento Bronze Solution Partner. We are also authorized design partners for Magento Go. As for today we organized two webinars for Magento: "Tips and tweaks on migrating to Magento" and "Best practices for landing pages that convert".

The Magento platform is one of the most robust open-source ecommerce solutions. Today more than 100,000 merchants trust this system including T-mobile, Lenovo, Samsung and other large corporations.

Our company specializes in eCommerce solutions for small and medium businesses. We offer the entire package of services necessary to establish an online business from scratch including logo and branding design, web design, payment gateways integration and shipping configuration. We also provide consulting and support services for online business owners to improve their conversion efficiency through introduction of new functionalities, enhancing existing ones and re-vamping site's design and architecture.

Ecommerce Websites for Individuals

custom Magento online stores for private vendors

Ross Coppelman - this is a great example of how even a small website can help with the web presence and online sales. This could be a good solution for private vendors who sell their personally created products. The range of suitable products to be sold on this type of websites can be very wide and the most obvious product ideas are all kinds of handmade stuff such as jewelry, artworks, photos etc. Personal eCommerce websites are good for individual vendors with no more than 50-100 products. In this case it is recommended to focus on building a recognizable brand and emphasizing the uniqueness of products. For such websites we can also build amazing catalogs which look and feel will correspond to vendor’s requirements and business peculiarities in order to display the products in the best possible way. As an example, please, see this handmade jewelry catalog.

Websites for Small Online Businesses

magento development and design for small business

Liebkind - this online shop solution is oriented to small eCommerce businesses with a specific product line. It could be apparel, health and beauty or sports products. The range of goods can include 1000-2000 items in different categories but still under the same brand and related to a specific group of products. As a rule such online stores are complicated websites supporting a number of payment methods, different shipping options, more advanced discount rules etc. For many customers hiring our web designers and web developers to build this kind of online shops we also suggest adding blogs and other social tools. It would be possible to apply our ready-made Magento extensions or create custom ones for the advantage of a small online business.

Websites for Medium and Large-Sized Online Businesses

development of onlines stores for medium and large businesses

Megagadgets - this type of eCommerce projects is for online shops belonging to medium and large-sized entrepreneurs. Ecommerce web applications of such scale allow not only handling of different payment methods or shipping options and managing of 5000-20000 products in stock but also integrating of 3rd party components to print UPS/USPS/FedEx shipping labels , to verify addresses and organize advanced inventory management. Large eCommerce projects usually required optimization of delivery costs and taking care of multiple delivery hubs. Such projects presuppose building online stores utilizing full-text search tools. It is also advisable to incorporate 3rd party CRM or ERP systems into online shops for medium and large businesses. It would be possible to apply our ready-made Magento extensions or create custom ones for the advantage of a medium or large-sized online business.

Group Deals Websites

building sites similar to Groupon

Sheel - copying the Groupon model does not guarantee success for online business but if you happen to decide to take the maximum out of this popular system for your business, you are welcome to ask our team of certified Magento developers to help you build a Groupon-like site. We’ll build your deal-of-the-day site with a complete range of necessary features such as time control, available products controls, automatic product renewal at midnight etc. Our web design and development experts are at your disposable to make a unique and attractive look of the website and to expand the system capabilities in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Unique Ecommerce Business

highly customized online shops, development and design

Lookmatic - if you need something really unique, highly customized and exclusive for your online store our team of certified Magento developers, highly experienced web designers and talented graphic artists will be more than happy to participate in such a challenging and creative project to bring your ideas to life. Our experience shows that such projects may require creating virtual try-on systems (e.g. for online shops selling clothes, jewelry, accessories etc.), advanced product configuration tools and other custom features. This is a great solution for businesses caring about their individuality and exclusiveness. For example, for Lookmatic our team has developed a virtual try-on widget using customers’ photos and the 3D technology.

Typically, the fastest turnaround time for developing and designing online stores powered by Magento would be 1,5 months but it actually depends on the complexity of an eCommerce project. Out team practices an individual approach to each customer to create custom specifications for the project and define the features which will add the value and uniqueness to the online store to be created.

If you want us to provide you with our thoughts and expert advice on your existing online store powered by Magento or if you would like to know more about the benefits of moving to Magento from your current eCommerce platform, you are kindly welcome to send us your inquiry and we will offer you our professional assistance.