Seminar on Promotion of Goods and Services to Overseas Markets from Promodo and SEOmoz

On May 19, 2012, the Promodo SEO company in cooperation with SEOmoz will hold a seminar on promotion of goods and services to overseas markets in Kiev, Ukraine. The seminar will be of interest to owners of foreign companies, owners and managers of IT companies, search engine optimizers and those who make money from their online business. Speakers will take the attendees “under the hood” of promoting to foreign markets as well as outline and discuss key issues of search engine optimization. The chief guest of the seminar will be Gillian Muessig, president of world-famous SEOMoz. Gillian is a keynote speaker at SEO conferences around the world from New York to Sydney.

Who Is the Seminar for?

For owners of foreign market oriented projects. Today creating of a cool product is far from being enough for success. One has to think about a proper marketing strategy for a cool product; otherwise even a brilliant idea may die quietly and unnoticed. So, how not to let it happen? How to promote a project overseas with the help of search engine optimization? How to manage the reputation and understand the efficiency of the tools used? All these questions will be discussed and answered in detail.

For IT professionals. Sick and tired of constant pressure on Elance or oDesk? Would you like to get a steady stream of orders for your services? Speakers at the Promodo’s conference will share their experiences in promoting sites for IT companies by employing effective and proven methods. Attendees will also learn how to provide the so-called added value for their customers which comprehends a high-quality, user-friendly and search-optimized website which does not require any further modifications and optimization. For online marketers and website owners. The most comprehensive coverage of the search engine optimization process for overseas markets from both the technological standpoint and the customer’s point of view: a set of “tools of trade”, pros and cons of various SEO methods and ways of solving common issues and difficulties.

Topics to Be Covered in the Seminar

  1. The niche competition analysis. A practical analysis of a few real-life projects. The sequence of actions and tools.
  2. Planning of promotion strategies and useful tools. Experience of leading foreign companies.
  3. Research and analysis of proper and relevant keywords. How to determine the keyword value and not to waste resources for nothing. What queries need to be prioritized and how to check rankings in search engine result pages?
  4. Content optimization and getting backlinks. What do western conferences not tell you? Examples of inbound links reports of western companies.
  5. Increasing the conversion rate. How to get the maximum out of traffic? Simple and clever techniques of increasing conversions.
  6. Reputation management in search engines. Why are brand-related queries of highest importance and priority? How to maintain a positive image when it comes to search engine optimization and resist “attacks” from the outside?
  7. Web Analytics: how to measure the efficiency and ROI of online marketing. How to build a system from scratch and to identify effective promotion channels? Where to invest marketing money?

Please, visit the official page of the seminar (Russian language).