QuartSoft’s Designers to Conduct a Webinar on MagentoGo

As reported in one of our recent blog posts, representatives of QuartSoft had visited the office of Magento in Los Angeles to make an agreement on strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between two companies which would comprehend conducting of webinars on various aspects of operation and optimization of online stores powered by Magento.

Thus, our team will host another webinar on MagentoGo called "Optimizing landing pages for the best results in Magento” on April 11 at 10:00 am PST. The main feature of this webinar is that it will be held by QuartSoft’s professional graphic designers who will talk about the best practices of building and optimizing pages for eCommerce websites. It is interesting to learn about creating online stores from the designer’s standpoint since these are designers who build the site’s look and feel which can impact customer’s first impression. In addition, it would be pretty useful for web developers and owners of online shops running on the MagentoGo platform to learn opinions and requirement of graphic designers regarding creation of online stores as oftentimes web developers and web designers work in separate teams. This webinar is likely to be quite interesting for those who care about the productivity of their online stores and realize that properly built and designed pages are able to considerably boost the conversion rate of eCommerce sites.        

QuartSoft highly appreciates Magento’s work on the development of robust eCommerce web applications. The Magento platform provides ample opportunities not only for online shops owners, but also for third party developers and designers such as those at QuartSoft. Over the years our team has managed to acquire a rich experience in design and development websites running on the Magento platform, and we look forward to further strengthening cooperation with both the Magento team and business owners using Magento eCommerce solutions. We hope that our experience will help Magento gain more popularity with businesses working online.