Tips and tweaks on migrating to Magento!

Today we hosted our first webinar for MagentoCommerce. During 3 years of our experience with Magento we had alot of customers repating same mistakes while transferring existing webstore to Magento platform. We tried to combine all required steps into one presentation which allows to properly track migration activities and todo's. 

Our 45 minutes webinar and presentation shows most critical steps for migration: 

- Analyze current store
- Prepare webhosting
- Customize Magento
- Verify SEO
- Data migration
- Store launch
- Post migration

Analyze current store.

 Make sure you collect enough information about existing website. Postitive and negative parts of it. Features you are using and features you are not using anymore. Speak to your customer to get an idea of features they are waiting for. Make sure you create a report about current traffic, existing sitemap, finance statistics (amount of sales, repeated sales, % of conversions).You may need to look into usability and create specific improvement guidelines which you may follow to make your new store more customer oriented and easy to work with. 

Prepare webhosting.

Since Magento is really required resources make sure you have enough powerful server, make sure its properly configured and all required/recommended settings set.

Customize Magento.

Create a new UI interface, install Magento theme and make sure you keep good parts and do event best with new store interface. Make sure you have all core modules configured - specially payment gateways, shipping and SEO components. 

We are recommending to install some extra components from Magento connect in order to make your store event better than it was before. You need to spend time optimizing Magento - as every % of the speedup will lead to better conversion % for you. 

SEO verification. 

Thats one of the important step as if this step is done in a wrong way this may lead to huge problem and decreasing of effectivity of migration. Please make sure all original pages are properly linked with new URLs, all keywords / description are filled in. Make sure you add more content  for the new store. 

We strongly recommend to setup a custom 404 error page to identify any link issues.

Data migration.

You have to carefully setup a migration script to transfer all your customers, orders and product information into your new store.  

Store launch.

Once migration is done - please make sure all required steps are followed and migration correctly perfomed. Announce about activation of new store in advance.  Notify your customers prior activation of new store and make sure transition to new Magento backend running smoothly. Activate new website and send notification for customer about successful migration. 

Post migration.

Make sure you back and look for any potential issues from SEO, data migration side. Talk to your customers and get a real feedbacks from them.

You may watch recorded webinar at Magento Commerce official website or you may check our presentation here and send your questions to our team!