Our schedule for September: conferences, training and events attending

September is traditionally rich with events in the areas of Internet marketing and web development in which our team takes an active part.

On September 7-8, we’ll attend Certified Scrum Master Classes in Kiev held by Jeff McKenna – one of the founders of the Agile methodology, a first-team Scrum coach and a certified Scrum Alliance trainer!

On September 9 our team of project managers will attend the "Agile for Developers" conference in Kiev. 

On September 11 we will attend a master class given by Peretrutov Dmitry and his team in Kiev.

On September 15 in Kiev we’ll participate in the "Search engine marketing" by Sean Marshall which will be led with the help of the SmartMe platform – our partner’s platform for workshops.

On September 16 a representative of our company will make a report in the SEM Camp conference held in Kiev and related to issues of search engine marketing and promotion of products and services. We’ll organize an in-house seminar in the same day.

On September 24-25 in Zaporozhye City we’ll attend the two-day DCamp workshop-conference dedicated to designing interfaces for websites, mobile applications etc.

Our two-weeks visit to the West Coast (Los Angeles) and the East Coast (New York) of the United States of America starts on September 25.

To coordinate meetings with our representatives during the above-mentioned events you can contact Paul Ryazanov, pratquartsoft [dot] com.