5 Ways to Harvest Customer Feedback for Your Marketing Team


Feedback is more than a free way to gather customers' opinion about your online business. It's a main way to company growth. Collect responses regularly and use the received data to transform the shortcomings into advantages. The successful companies manage to turn unsatisfied customers into fans. Thus, feedback can become a goldmine of budget savings. Continue reading

Should You Be Looking into a Progressive Web App for Your Business? [Infographic]


Like any new trend, sometimes you have to be a little cautious. In truth, people are far too willing to utilize the very latest and greatest thing in their marketing campaigns without doing much in the way of research.

Not every single trend in the marketing industry is going to be something that you want to utilize in a game plan for your business, but this isn't the case with the Progressive Web App. It'll have a massive impact on the mobile marketing industry, seriously. Continue reading

7 Ways Heatmaps Can Highlight Missed Opportunities on Your WordPress Blog


As a blogger and business owner, you want to ensure that your blog is helping you achieve your goals. Having data about your users can help you identify what is working well on your blog, and what may need to be changed. A good analytics program can help you not only gather raw data, but also make sense of it. A heatmap program is one tool that bloggers can use to evaluate their website. Learn more about what a heatmap is, and how it can benefit you as a blogger. Continue reading

How AI and Live Agents Can Help Deliver Better Customer Care


Artificial intelligence isn't just a pipe dream anymore. In fact, this technology is dramatically changing the ways we conduct business — and so-called "chatbots," powered by AI, are quickly becoming a viable customer service channel. If your business is contemplating adding chatbots to enhance the overall customer care experience, you're certainly not alone. Continue reading

What Makes SEO So Important for Small Businesses in 2017?


No one said running a business is an easy job. Going gets especially tough for independent brands, which need to establish their own brand image from scratch. Marketing is all about digital media now. No one relies on a print medium to reach out to the target audiences who have his or her head buried in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Businesses that target a more tech-savvy market often rely on different forms of digital marketing including social media marketing and SEM for reaching out to the right audience. Continue reading