Quartsoft - Your IT Outsourcing Partner

QuartSoft is your IT outsourcing partner offering a wide range of services in creating custom web and mobile applications.

QuartSoft has been around to help businesses from all over the world build top-notch web presence and implement their web- and mobile-based startup ideas since 1999. Since then our company has grown from a small group of enthusiast web developers and graphic designers to a well-rounded team of more than 100 professionals in a variety of areas such as

  • database development and optimization; 
  • web programming and quality testing; 
  • mobile application development and design;
  • website design, logo design, corporate identity design, custom illustrations and artworks;
  • cloud computing architectures for businesses (Amazon Web Services);
  • technical support and maintenance; 
  • project management and marketing;
  • and more... 

Clients from more than 20 countries outsource their development project to QuartSoft’s highly experienced graphic artists, web and mobile developers who provide original and creative design concepts, robust and scalable applications, dedicated technical assistance and professional support both for established businesses and new startups.

By opening an office in the United States of America while keeping the core development team in Ukraine, QuartSoft Corp. has taken a step forward to offering a win-win cooperation to our American clients wishing to outsource their web/mobile design and development projects to partners legally represented in their country.

We make sure our employees are constantly upgrading their competence to meet demands of customers looking for modern web design and development solutions. Our designers, developers and project managers regularly attend relevant conferences, workshops and forums. Some of them get certified by industry leaders such as eCommerce platform Magento.

Magento-certified developers and solution specialists for eCommerce projects
Our Magento-certified experts help online vendors build functional, secure and scalable web stores.

What We Can Do

A team of full-time graphic designers and web developers allows us to provide a whole array of services to help our clients launch and propel their online business. This is specifically what we can offer our clients based on our experience:

  • Web Development
    • Marketplaces, online shops and other eCommerce solutions powered by Magento
    • Corporate websites, blogs and eCommerce solutions powered by WordPress
    • Data management systems, social networks, CRM systems (Yii/PHP/HTML/Node.JS)
    • Social networks and web-based startup solutions (NoSQL (MongoDB) + Sphynx)
    • Browser extensions and plugins for Firefox and Chrome
  • Mobile development (as a part of big projects)
    • Android and iOS apps
  • Graphic design
    • UI/UX design for web and mobile apps
    • Custom illustrations
    • Branding (logo, corporate identity)
  • Hosting and server configuration
    • Deploying projects on dedicated and cloud hosting (AWS)
    • LAMP solutions
  • Post-development support and maintenance

How we help clients solve their problems

The majority of our clients are entrepreneurs looking to create their web presence or web-based business platform. They rely on our experience to overcome obstacles on their way from an idea to final launch of the project. This is how we can help them do it:

  • Technical consulting, feasibility studies, business analysis, scope of work planning
  • Full-cycle development process (concept – wireframes – design – back-end development – front-end development – server configuration – manual QA – automated QA – post-development support and maintenance)
  • Flexible rates, budget optimization, sprint development
  • Effective customer communication (CRM, Basecamp, response within 24 hours)
  • Dedicated management team (project manager, business analyst, account manager, team lead)
  • Dedicated developers (140 h/month)

Why Clients Choose Us

When starting an online business, it’s important to find a reliable partner to take care of the IT part of the project. Our team can be such partner and guarantee service quality due to the following:

  • Full-cycle, all in-house web design and development services
  • Experienced and talented team (10+ years of experience)
  • Narrow niche experts
  • Full-time employees
  • Good English communication
  • Contract work

Read more about why our clients choose QuartSoft as their IT outsourcing partner.


QuartSoft’s mission is to help businesses, especially new startup ventures, save the costs and time of implementing their web presence, digital commerce and custom web/mobile applications by outsourcing their IT projects to our expert team in Ukraine.

Whether you are a startup company trying to convert an idea into reality or a major corporation willing to expand your web presence and online business capabilities, QuartSoft Corp. is always here to cooperate closely with you to offer solutions individually tailored to your specific needs and meeting your budget. We balance high-quality technical implementation with a realistic cost analysis so that a customer would always get the end product of high quality and not overpriced.

We also strive for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. When outsourcing your web and mobile development projects to QuartSoft Corp., you can be sure to get qualified assistance and support during the entire life of the project. Our team continually opens new horizons for online businesses by adding new features and applications to boost their activities as well as offering extra services and options they never thought possible.

We pay special attention to each our customer because we treat them as our partners for whose business success we assume responsibility. Building an outsourcing partnership with us means always having a stand-by team of expert web and mobile developers doing their best to ensure you get the most out of your online business.


I am writing from Rentfeeder, we are an internet technology start up that is building software tools for professionals in the residential real estate industry. We have been working with a team of developers at QuartSoft Corp. for over a year now and have been very happy with their performance. We recently receiving outside funding over the last few months based upon the progressof the product that was developed and it is just now being released into the market. The development team at QuartSoft Corp. has been an important part of the development of our product and I view them to be a reliable and competent software development firm.

Josh Peterson, President & CEO Rentfeeder, Inc

SOAR Nation has been a business partner/client of QuartSoft Corp. since August 2010. In that period of time, QuartSoft Corp. has been instrumental in developing the technological backbone of the organization. As a result, SOAR Nation has recently entered negotiations with several investment groups regarding angel and venture capital investment.

Yan Agaev, President/CEO SOAR Nation, Inc.