Space Commander

Space Commander - an enormous armada of alien spaceships intruded the Milky Way Galaxy and is now on its way to the Solar System. The rebellious colony of space barbarians had violated the Armistice Agreement between three Kingdoms ruling the civilized part of the Universe. The Armistice was long enough for earthlings to enjoy peace and forget how to fight in a real space battle. The Earth is in danger as its civilization is not prepared for the war with the barbarian race which had been strengthening its power for centuries. The only man who can hold back the attack is a retired mercenary and combat veteran known as the Space Commander who was wandering the outskirts of the Galaxy with his battleship when the alien armada blatantly violated the border. The Space Commander is the first earthling to meet the dangerous enemy. He must hold back the offensive to give Earth time to prepare for the war. The destiny of the whole Universe is at stake.


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