Picuzzle - online game for everyone who enjoys playing puzzles. 


Members of our team love puzzles. It’s fascinating to observe how small pieces are laid into a big picture after hours of playing. We came up with an idea to turn the traditional puzzle game into an exciting online game.

We were thinking about a universal game to be enjoyed by the whole family. A game which would be exciting for any age: for kids and their parents. This interactive game allows you to play online without any needs for buying puzzles.

You may choose any image to turn it into puzzle pieces. You can even choose your personal photograph to turn it into a puzzle game. You can pick a screenshot from a latest Disney movie and split it into puzzles for your kids to play with on a computer.

The game is currently being tested. We look forward to hearing your feedbacks regarding the game. If there are any issues, please, feel free send us a message to feedbackatpicuzzle [dot] com As soon as the testing of the main puzzle engine is completed we will add more options for Picuzzle lovers.

You are always welcome to test the game by your own at http://picuzzle.com


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