Top 5 Startups That Offer Online 3D Printing Services


As 3D printing diffuses throughout the business world, the number of startups that utilize this technology continues to grow in number.A growing number of consumers has also embraced the personally customized products made possible by 3D printing technology to the extent that their demand now drives a revolution in the way many businesses operate. Continue reading

Top 5 Challenges Faced by App Developers and How We Can Change All That


The process of creating or making a mobile application to run on various mobile platforms is called application development. App development is an amazing field to be associated with, but at the same time, app developers probably have some of the toughest challenges too. Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep the Chat Feature on Your Website Helpful for Customers


An increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of new software solutions that allow customers to ask questions, handle complaints or address issues via live text chat on the company website. Whether a customer has a question before purchase or a technical support issue with an online service, live chat has become a key feature of many businesses' customer service portfolio. Continue reading

Cybercrime Infographic


Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have been impacted by data breaches and that approximately 3,000 American companies are annual victims of cybercrime? Most of these cyber attacks are the result of risky employee behavior, some of which include password problems and issues arising from malware. Yet it is important to note that even when companies and employees are very careful, cyber attacks can still occur due to the increasing intelligence of cyber criminals. Continue reading

Why Unified Communications is More Important than Ever


In the digital age of today, life has definitely moved over to the fast lane. People are now walking around with supercomputers in their pockets in the form of smartphones, and even on their wrists in the form of smartwatches. With the internet of things, people are now controlling their home heating, lighting and appliances from their phones, laptops and tablets. Continue reading


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