Designing a Two-Letter Logo to Improve Your Branding


Logos are the most recognizable symbol of any brand. But not all logos are created equal. Some are so memorable they've become part of pop culture, like the Nike Swoosh or the Mountain Dew icon. Others are easily forgotten like—well, we would have used them in the first example if we remembered them.

Every brand's goal is to create a logo that's easy to remember. One of the best ways to do this is with a lettermark logo. Lettermarks use the brand's initials to create a single symbol that helps customers recognize the brand at a moment's notice. Continue reading

5 Ways to Increase the Visual Impression of Your Product


The consumer choice is mostly based on the relative visual appeal of competing products. Studies suggest that visual impressions will enable consumers to distinguish products. Seeing more images of a product can easily affect the perceptions, attractiveness or reduce distinctiveness of a product. It is not uncommon for consumers to search for images of a product that they are planning on buying on Google. The more attractive the images are, the higher the chances of them considering the product. Continue reading

Santa Claus Mobile Apps to Discover


Every year millions and millions of kids around the world catching Christmas fever and start to ask their parents to get them to meet him. And every good parent always wants to satisfy this demand. For a long time everything you could possibly do were getting your child in the mall to meet with bearded legend himself or to dress as Santa and bring the magic to your home.

Nowadays however there is more to it, there are a lot of applications and internet sources that can help you with this task. Continue reading

When and Why Should You Use PHP


There is a tendency in business to tune out the tech support crew when they start dropping abbreviations into the explanations of why some programs are important to your website. Although HTML, SQL and other processes shortened to their letters are important, they also presage an explanation that is technical, dry and – at worse – leaving the business person feeling like they are listening to a foreign language. Continue reading

Five Steps to Improve Data Security [Infographic]


One of the hottest issues in many industries today is data security. As more and more businesses conduct their day to day operations through the internet, e.g. sales, it is safe to say that the amount of data being transmitted nowadays have gotten more monetary value than there were years ago. Like a double-edged sword, the digital platform can bring a lot of benefits to a business, but at the same makes the business more vulnerable to a lot of risk such as data breach. Continue reading


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