How Startups Are Protecting Their Business Data


Every organization is being forced to recognize that protecting its data is a priority now. Big, established companies have the resources to hire security consultants and support huge IT data teams, but smaller companies and startups are left to fend for themselves. Startups especially are at risk. 63% of startups who make it to their 4th year are still in danger of collapse. One data breach could push them over the edge before they even get that far. Here are six ways that cash-hungry startups are protecting their data. Continue reading

5 E-Commerce Tips to Increase Sales During the Holiday Rush


As an e-commerce business, you’ve got a few unique advantages over traditional retailers during the holiday season: you don’t have to worry about decorating a physical store, and consumer spending continues to trend more and more toward online sales. This year, not only is online spending expected to increase by 7-10%, but more shoppers are opting out of the frenzy of Black Friday. Continue reading

Creating Website for Clothes for Cash Service


Every big industry creates thousands of businesses around itself. The apparel and fashion industry involves all sorts of entrepreneurs starting from those directly involved in clothes manufacturing to the enormous range of companies created to sell and promote apparel. There are also clothes startups that either produce some innovative apparel or find another out-of-the-box way to make money by tapping into the major apparel industry. Continue reading

11 Tools Every Successful Project Manager Uses and Why You Should Use Them Too


Project management is nothing new. People have been pitching and managing projects since the olden times. From the Great Wall of China and Pyramids of Giza to mass movements and wars – humans have planned and executed huge projects with their skills. Traditional project management worked well in the old days, but in the fast-paced world of today, it is impossible to handle a to-do list and check off items while memorizing every task that is assigned to team members. Continue reading

IPv6: Saviour of the Internet? [Infographic]


When the central pool of 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses was fully allocated in 2011, it became apparent that another addressing model would be needed so that new devices could connect to the Internet. A potential crisis was averted by the introduction of IPv6, it is practically inconceivable that such a problem will ever arise again due to the trillions of addresses that are now available. Continue reading


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