Growing Pains: Challenges Faced by Startups


No questions about it, the goal of every startup business is long term success. With that being said, there is a big difference in where you are now and your goal for 5 years from now. During that time, you will go through an awkward phase in the growth trajectory of the business that will be tricky to navigate if you don’t have the right perspective and tools. Here is a bit of advice when it comes to dealing with your business and its growing pains. Continue reading

Selecting a Web Host for Your Website


Choosing a web host might sound like a pretty straight forward process but when you consider how many different types of websites, hosting types and hosting companies there are, it can turn out to be one of the more difficult elements of getting your website up and running. When looking for information regarding web hosts, it is always a good idea to get unbiased views on the web hosts that are available. Continue reading

3 Quick Ways to Simplifying the Sales Process on a Site


Some of the most common problems that online stores face include abandoned carts, crushing competition, low conversion rates, and growing expectations from shoppers. Although they are always learning new ways to bring in traffic, the biggest challenge comes in converting those leads into customers. It is important to identify which obstacles keep customers from finding the right products and to optimize the sales path to convert most of them into customers. Here are three quick ways to simplify this process. Continue reading

How to Use Cloud Solutions to Take Your Operations to the Next Level?


Managers and business owners tend to use a wide array of software platforms, but sometimes tech infrastructure becomes a victim of belt-tightening. Fortunately, small and midsized businesses have gained a true blessing from the digital heavens. It comes in the form of cloud - an infinite pool of handy tools that contribute immensely to smooth workflow. This gives you a chance to get the best of both worlds: reduce the costs and increase the efficiencies. As a result, the great tech refining is underway, marking a dawn of the new age. Continue reading

Website Templates: Pros, Cons and How to Choose


Each business, be it an established one or a startup, urges to find ways to reduce expenses. This trend is vivid especially in cases when a decision maker’s awareness on the possible ways of reducing costs in a particular topic is limited. In general, business owners realize the necessity of their website development driven by common sense or just understanding of the modern lifestyle. It is a must nowadays, just like a smartphone or internet access. Continue reading


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