What Web Designers and Developers Can Offer to Healthcare Providers


New technologies are always welcome in the healthcare industry. They not only provide new ways of disease treatment but help educate patients and connect them to physicians. The latter functions can be carried out by modern web and mobile technologies and implemented by web designers and developers. Continue reading

Ideas App Developers Can Use to Work More in Less Time


If you are an app developer looking to launch an app into the mobile world, please find immediate solace in the fact that the app economy has surpassed Hollywood in being bigger and more powerful. The Atlantic reported, Continue reading

Why 1 in 5 Businesses Have Problems With Data Loss


According to Paragon Software Group, more than one in five businesses have experienced data loss causing a significant impact on their business. A hit to a company's bottom line and loss of consumer faith are just a few side effects of data loss. But why does it happen in the first place? Here’s a look at why so many businesses have problems with data loss and how to prevent it. Continue reading

6 Webpage Design Tips to Increase Sale Conversions


Design might seem secondary to the substance of your website, but it's actually an integral part of your overall sales machine. Once you draw traffic to your website, you can’t just expect people to buy, especially if your site design doesn’t hold visitors’ attention. Visitors can easily be turned away by unappealing visuals, unclear messages, or even something as subtle as the color of a button. The visuals and navigation of your website are a key component of converting traffic into leads or sales. Continue reading

5 Tips for Startups Regarding Cyber Security


Cyber security has been in the news recently in regards to big retail corporations and finance companies. What is not as clearly understood is the sad but true fact that small businesses and startups are more vulnerable than big corporations. It is easy to get lulled by the sense that hackers are more interested in the "big guys" or that your small business doesn't have what any hacker would want. Continue reading


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