Handy Tools to Help Get Your Site Placed Across Google SERP Features


When the game of getting ranked on the first page, getting the best position on SERP, and also getting the place on the answer box of Google is on, then you simply can’t stay dependent on the simple organic SEO methods. There are more tools and strategies to discover, and you must implement them before it’s too late, and your competitor’s name is in the first position persistently. Here are the best tools that can help you get higher on the SERP, and earn great authority in the eyes of the search engine. Continue reading

Magento vs Shopify [Infographic]


While contemplating to open an ecommerce store - simple user interface, overall store & inventory management, easy plugin integrations, secured environment etc., are some of the factors that are taken into consideration. Continue reading

Why E-commerce CRM Is a Must-Have Customer Service Tool


What is customer relationship management? It is the way customers and companies interact in the modern economy. Customer relationship management, or CRM, software is designed to help companies achieve these feats. Newer variants of e-commerce CRM software offer a unique solution that allows the company to operate at a far more efficient level than they were operating before. This efficiency not only extends to how the company deals with customers, but it also applies to all their interactions within the company and with their clients. Continue reading

Maximizing the Value of eCommerce Sales


Every eCommerce retailer focuses on bringing new customers to their store. Smart eCommerce retailers also invest in marketing to existing customers. Really smart eCommerce retailers think long and hard about how to maximize the value of customers interacting with their store right now. Continue reading

Why You Need to Choose the Right Payment Solution for Your Online Shopping Site


From £ 177 billion in 2012 to an estimated £ 283 billion in 2017, online shopping sales are on the rise. But did you know that out of 4.6 million online shoppers in 2015, only 1.46 million actually ended up buying something? A significant 24% of the people who abandoned their shopping carts did so because of problems in the payment and checkout process. And this clearly indicates just how important a strong payment gateway is to the online shopping experience. Continue reading


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