Some Reasons Why Magento is Great for eCommerce


Editor’s Note: This article gives our potential clients for online store design and development some more information on Magento which is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

The Magento eCommerce platform is steadily gaining popularity. In this article we’d like to point out a few reasons why choosing Magento to power your eCommerce business is a good idea. Continue reading

Subway Virtual Store


Editor’s Note: Being a provider of mobile app development and eCommerce solution development services, the team of QuartSoft never stops following new trends in the industry. We noticed that a breakthrough in mobile technology and the latest developments in eCommerce had helped create a revolutionary synergy of these two technologies for a remarkable shopping experience. Continue reading

Attending LogIn Tech Conference and Startup Fair in Lithuania


While Ukraine was in turmoil on its way to the new democratic society and another watershed moment in the history of the country was happening, three QuartSoft’s employees had a chance to visit the peaceful Lithuania and plunge into creativity, ingenuity and inspiration of the startup world represented by dozens of companies, investors, entrepreneurs and IT engineers at the LogIn Tech Conference and LogIn Startup Fair held in Vilnius on April 10-11, 2014. Continue reading

How to Name Your Online Store


Editor’s note: Here at QuartSoft we have a whole eCommerce department that builds custom Magento-powered online stores for clients from all over the world. We help eCommerce entrepreneurs launch and propel their online businesses. However we want to be helpful even at the earlier stage of establishing an online shop – the stage of conceiving the business idea and name. Continue reading

QuartSoft’s Work is Going on Well Despite the Situation in Kramatorsk


You might have already heard about the situation with pro-Russian protesters seizing administrative building and police departments in the East of Ukraine and namely in the city of Kramatorsk where the office of QuartSoft is based. It’s funny how our little city has become famous overnight. It’s sad though that the reason for the fame is those worrisome events. Continue reading