How Startups Can Use Snapchat to Increase Visibility


As a startup business, you’re eager to make your presence known across the board of social media platforms – and you’re right to do so. And you may already have an established presence on the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. But as a business owner, make sure you don’t neglect the relatively newer apps, each of which uses a new medium to target a new audience – and requires a new marketing strategy. Continue reading

How to Expand Your Technology Business Internationally


The aim of any ambitious entrepreneur is to take their business to the next level and become an international company. But this is easier said than done with so many elements to consider, from production issues to legal matters. So how does a technology business expand abroad? Continue reading

How Your Brand Is Your Company's Strongest Marketing Tool


When it comes to reaching an audience and making your company the obvious choice for consumers, knowing what strategy to use can be difficult. There are many ways in which to direct people towards your company, but for long-term success and to develop a relationship with your audience, effective marketing is essential. Continue reading

Five Ways eCommerce Retailers Can Improve Product Page Conversions


Product pages are at the sharp end of the eCommerce sales funnel, and they should be lovingly crafted to reflect your brand and your customers needs.

Product pages are the end point of the eCommerce sales funnel. Categorization, search, marketing, branding, and social media are vitally important, but when it comes to selling, it's the product page that does the heavy lifting. Get that wrong, and no matter how many shoppers you pour into the wide end of the sales funnel, you won't achieve the sales you deserve. Continue reading

What Web Designers and Developers Can Offer to Real Estate Businesses


A real estate business can be lucrative if it can withstand the competition. A high quality web presence is one of assets a real estate business can use to attract customers and improve brand awareness. The quality and functionality of real estate websites evolve as new web new technologies and design trends emerge. Web designers and developers can harness the latest technology developments to build a competitive web presence for all sorts of real estate agents. Continue reading


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