11 Tools Every Successful Project Manager Uses and Why You Should Use Them Too


Project management is nothing new. People have been pitching and managing projects since the olden times. From the Great Wall of China and Pyramids of Giza to mass movements and wars – humans have planned and executed huge projects with their skills. Traditional project management worked well in the old days, but in the fast-paced world of today, it is impossible to handle a to-do list and check off items while memorizing every task that is assigned to team members. Continue reading

IPv6: Saviour of the Internet? [Infographic]


When the central pool of 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses was fully allocated in 2011, it became apparent that another addressing model would be needed so that new devices could connect to the Internet. A potential crisis was averted by the introduction of IPv6, it is practically inconceivable that such a problem will ever arise again due to the trillions of addresses that are now available. Continue reading

How Web Designers and Developers Can Help Restaurant Businesses


The professional online presence is always a great marketing tool for any business. Restaurant and catering businesses are among those that can benefit big time from their enhanced websites. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Are Not Suited for Shared Hosting


Imagine you are in search for a book and walking down the street you find yourself in front of 2 book stores. Its high season & everyone is buying books, both bookstores appear to be the same from outside, so you decide to check both before making a decision.

In the first bookstore, you find yourself roaming around, you try and get hold of clerk to guide you through the store. Once there, you have a hard time finding the book you want as there are too many options, so you start to filter out and take your time. After a while, you finally find your book. Continue reading

A Startups Guide to Databases, Database Migration and Database Security


Databases lie at the heart of almost every online business. But, just like the aforementioned organ, since they are tucked away inside, quietly ticking along doing their job, they can be a bit of an enigma to the less tech-minded. Continue reading


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