Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Site for Furniture Retailer


Selling products can be a nightmare for brick-and-mortar furniture stores. The cost of fancy showrooms, warehouses, sales assistants, agents and landlords increases the final price of items. That is why traditional furniture retailers have to withstand a fierce competition to be successful on the market. Retailers have to find the ways to cut their costs and showcase their products to as many potential buyers as possible without having to rent large showrooms in multiple places. Continue reading

The Most Exciting Gadgets Soon Coming Your Way


In the first week of the year, some of the world's most prominent tech companies meet at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to display their latest projects. Based off of the demos from this year's CES event, tech innovations are getting smarter and more convenient than ever before. Following is a list of some of the most interesting, mind-blowing and simply helpful developments that may just revolutionize your year. Continue reading

Developers for Niche eCommerce Website


Creating a niche website is something that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their financial independence without having to work their socks off. If you manage to find a profitable niche and work hard for some time to fill your site with good-quality content, your eCommerce business will surely thrive. Continue reading

How E-Commerce Sites Can Foster Emotional Connections with Consumers


Brands may not be human, but their human-like qualities help drive sales. Psychology Today reports the emotion of “likeability” is the most predictive measure of whether an advertisement will succeed, while positive emotions toward a brand have significantly greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments based on a brand’s attributes. Continue reading

3 Tools to Combine for Higher eCommerce Conversions


Online sales are expected to reach $523 billion by 2020, up 56% from $335 million in 2015. How is that possible in only five years time? People are moving online not only to find out information or share photos, but to buy all kinds of things, from clothing to groceries. There are many reasons for the massive shift to e-commerce, but the biggest one is that people are searching for the best product at the lowest price.

Plus, nobody likes to wait in line. Continue reading