Why Your Fashion Brand Needs a Website


It’s easy to think your fashion brand’s most important selling point is the offline look. While it is true that you can’t sell fashion products that don’t appeal to the customer, you also can’t find the customers if you trust solely on offline imagery. Continue reading

Magento vs. Shopify. What eCommerce Platform to Use?


“What eCommerce platform to use?” It must be the first question a would-be eCommerce entrepreneur asks before starting an online store. The choice is indeed difficult as there are over 60 eCommerce and shopping cart solutions in the market. Each platform has its pros and cons. There is no perfect eCommerce solution, so online merchants have to choose a platform to power their online shops based on all kinds of expert and user recommendations as well as analyses of platform downsides and limitations that may cost unnecessary time and money for the business. Continue reading

Should You Work From Home as a Small Ecommerce Business? [Infographic]


If you have just set up a small online ecommerce business it may be tempting to keep a store of your stock around the house and set up an office space in your home. Advantages of working from home include fewer overhead costs and a greater flexibility in working time. However, this flexibility of working hours can put a strain on you, creating a list of subtle problems that will affect both your working and social life. Continue reading

Why Are Enterprise Businesses Passing on PaaS?


PaaS does not have the traction of IaaS and SaaS, but with its clear value proposition, why are enterprise businesses passing on PaaS? Continue reading

The Importance of Online Feedback for Ecommerce Businesses


I have personally been here, I have ran eCommerce businesses ever since I was just 16 years old! I started off doing affiliate marketing where feedback was no concern to me and the companies I was marketing dealt with all of the feedback themselves and also the complaints, if any. Continue reading

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