Next visit to the USA: Sept 25th - Oct 8th, 2011


Our team is working with customers from all around the world but the majority of them is located in the USA. We have already visited the United States few times to meet our customers in partners in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco. Our next visit is planned for the coming month.

We are happy to announce the launch of the website created by us for 360Investments Inc. We are invited to visit the official launch ceremony and celebration. This, definitely, is going to be one of the biggest events we have ever attended. On October 1, 2011 right in the heart of Hollywood Blvd, at CineSpace, our customer Laura Han will be introducing this product to public market. A couple of our team members (Eugene Myasushkin and Stacey Kaminski) will be among the invited guests of the event which will be a great opportunity for us to establish new business relationships with established entrepreneurs and our potential customers and partners.

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Load testing of web applications


This weekend our team took part in 2 different conferences in Odessa, Ukraine. Our team visited UA mobile day which united more than 200 mobile developers from Ukraine, Russia.

Also we attended the IT-Jam event with more than 1700 participants from Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv etc. We are proud to be a part of the developers' community and to share our skills and knowledge with everyone. In his report on "Load Testing of Web Applications" in the in QA section Eugene Dmitrichenko provided some technical information about how this part of the QA process works. He compared some free and paid software products and services and shared his experience and personal opinion on this topic. Here is his presentation. Hopefully, it can be helpful.

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QuartSoft Corp. launched new official website


Today we are pleased to annouce our new official website and blog launch.

From now on all new updates and broadcasts for our English speaking customers will be located here. Our previous blog remains as a main source for posts related to Ukrainian office and will be written in Russian. Continue reading


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