How Much Does It Cost to Run a Startup [Infographic]


Everybody seems to be into startups nowadays. Though the risk is there, people are willing to invest in one. After all, creating one is not that difficult. The Internet has made running a startup an easier and a more affordable venture.

Today, you could just build a startup from a website. You do not necessarily need to have a physical office. Depending on the nature of your startup, you can already begin by hiring freelancers or remote workers then you are all set. Continue reading

Growth of Online Shopping in the Last Decade [Infographic]


Buying products online is a relatively new phenomenon in the worldwide retail sector and it is one that the channel is still trying to get used to. Some retailers have chosen to go online to chase the ecommerce side of the business while some retailers stay true to the traditional, physical retail store option. Of course, some retailers have encompassed both avenues which can lead to fantastic growth. Continue reading

Virtualization to Cloud - What Small Businesses Need to Know


Editor’s Note: Helping startup entrepreneurs and small business owners introduce new web technologies such as cloud applications to their businesses is one of our biggest tasks as an IT outsourcing partner. We carry out this task not only in specific projects but also in this blog by publishing some informative articles for newbie entrepreneurs to learn a thing or two regarding possibilities to boost their web presence. Continue reading

What to Do If a Big Solid Business Plan Is Not an Option for a Startup?


Editor’s Note: Our company has been cooperating with startup entrepreneurs as a web / mobile design and development outsourcing partner since 1999 and we think it’s important to provide inexperienced would-be founders will all kinds of useful information on launching and propelling their business ventures. This article is one of a series of blog publications on the early stages of establishing a successful startup company. Continue reading

Ignoring Mobile Is No Longer an Option for eCommerce Retailers


Editor’s Note: eCommerce retailers who delay modernizing their site for mobile are likely to face dwindling sales in the coming years as customers’ move to mobile. Having been eCommerce design and development team for years, QuartSoft Corp. makes its best to help digital commerce entrepreneurs build their websites in accordance with the latest design trends and market requirements. Continue reading