Designing Perfect Logo for Business [Infographic]


We see logos every single day. On the Internet, on TV, in our cars – they’re practically unavoidable. Our daily life is saturated with logos competing for our attention. So how does one logo triumph over another? Continue reading

Life after Kramatorsk Shelling


You might have already heard about shelling in Kramatorsk on February 10, 2015. After six months of peaceful life, the senseless war has plunged its bloody claws into our city again taking lives of 16 people and leaving more than 50 to suffer from wounds. This terrible incident has filled our hearts with pain and sorrow. Continue reading

18 Tips to Make Your Magento Store Better


Disclaimer: Instructions given in this article are simply a guidance to follow during the Magento store design stage and before moving on to the development. Continue reading

Five Modern Web Design Trends You Need to Know About


The web seems to change every year. As a team of web designers, we need to stay on top of these changes; else we’ll be left behind by savvier competitors.

The Internet is probably one of the most mercurial technologies mankind has ever developed. In just the few short decades it’s been around, it’s changed more than anyone could have possibly imagined. The Internet of today looks nothing like the Internet of yesterday, and will in no way resemble the Internet of tomorrow. Continue reading

Success Story: Canvas – SaaS Start-Up


Our company has been helping entrepreneurs build their web-based business platforms since 1999. Since its early history, our team has been behind the sciences of start-ups that tried to struggle their way to success through a fierce competition of the ever-evolving world of digital innovations. We witnessed ups and downs of business ventures and novice entrepreneurs. We saw entrepreneurial passion and disappointments. We saw both start-ups persisting in scaling despite all the troubles and those that pivoted quickly after a few unsuccessful iterations. Continue reading