Importance of Online Presence for a Business


An online presence for your online business goes far beyond setting up a website that contains the name of your company and contact details. It involves creating a virtual point of business where people can find useful information on your website and interact with you through social media networks. Continue reading

Prevent Security Threats while Visiting Finance Websites


Editor’s note: Our company creates web stores that accept online payments. Many eCommerce businesses depend on us. This makes us care about our product security and customers’ satisfaction with the business we build for them. That’s why we gladly publish articles dedicated to online transactions security. The article below is one of them. Continue reading

Every Business Should Have a Database. Find out Why.


Data is a vital asset for every business. It must be stored and maintained in perfect health. When you do not have data, business decisions will be harder to make. On top of that, making very good decisions will be nigh impossible. You have to review the current and past facts to make informed decisions. This is why databases are of great importance to a business. When you have a database, you can always retrieve the data to make smart decisions for your business to progress. The problem with databases though is that they are quite hard to manage. Continue reading

4 SEO Tips to Make Your Site Ready for Future


Search engine optimization is an ever changing field and therefore, it is important to understand Google’s future plans to optimize your site accordingly. SEO is not just about how your site is ranking on SERP today, but to ensure that the good rank will be retained by your site in future as well. If you don’t make your site future proof, then sudden algorithm updates will move your site from its glorious position, and as a result, the profit margin will fall drastically.

Here are 4 suggestions to maintain the top rank of your site for a long time. Continue reading

Dedicated vs Shared Hosting: What Does Your Startup Need?


When you're on a tight budget, as most startups are, it is important to squeeze as much goodness as possible from the money you have. There are some things you can't be too cheap about though, and this short guide should hopefully give you a few things to think about. Continue reading