Why Your Fashion Brand Needs a Website


It’s easy to think your fashion brand’s most important selling point is the offline look. While it is true that you can’t sell fashion products that don’t appeal to the customer, you also can’t find the customers if you trust solely on offline imagery. Continue reading

Mistakes and Misconceptions Regarding Corporate Website Development


Website is a perfect tool to promote your brand and increase your sales. It seems like a pretty easy task to simply hire someone to build your web presence and voila! All your problems are miraculously solved: your prospects find your company’s site through search engines to learn more about your services / products and start ordering them. Continue reading

A Guide to Web Hosting [Infographic]


One of the most overlooked aspects of web design and development, particularly amongst start-up entrepreneurs and businessmen, is web hosting. The focus is typically on graphic design and the user interface while hosting plays a crucial part in the performance, flexibility and security of your site as well. Continue reading

The Web Design Building Blocks You Need to Know about


If you are a small business owner then you know that having a strong online presence is really crucial for success. And one of the best ways to boost your online presence is by having a website. But when it comes to website development there is probably plenty of technical jargon to make you unaware of what is going on. Continue reading

The Basic Building Blocks of a Successful Law Firm Website


Editor’s note: Representatives of a variety of businesses have outsourced their web presence needs to QuartSoft’s web designers and developers. We are proud to have a few lawyers among our clients. The team of QuartSoft would be always happy to help individual lawyers and law firms create perfect websites to represent their services online in a professional and informative way. This guest article was written to give lawyers some ideas about the best practices of website design for law firms. Continue reading

Need a Website for Your Fashion Business? Make Sure You Choose the Right Web Designers.


The Ever-Growing Market of Fashion and Beauty

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses built around fashion and the people’s desire to look stylish. Thousands more of big and small companies are about to emerge in the industry all over the world. It’s a proven fact that looking stylish and beautiful helps us be successful in our personal life and career. Have you ever thought about the fact that for some people their entire fate depends on how good they look and what they wear? Who does not want to be attractive? Continue reading

Web Design for an Older Audience


Considering an Older User's Needs

An effective and user friendly website is important for older adults, who are now the fastest growing group of internet users. This demographic, which includes the baby boomer generation, are generally looking for websites which will focus on their specific needs and provide an overall positive experience. Continue reading

Sheeel – the Never Fading Best E-Commerce Website We Are Proud of


What can be a bigger pride for a web design and development company than a recognized success of a project they took part in? Our eCommerce Department had another reason to be proud of their past achievements as their former Magento-based project called Sheeel was once again recognized as the best e-commerce website in Kuwait. Continue reading

Online Business: Top 4 Things to Consider When You Are Building Your Website


All successful businesses have well-designed websites. However, the way their websites look isn't the only thing they care about. There are several things you have to consider when building a website for your business, which include understanding your audience, making your website useable, having a good search engine optimization plan, and planning quality content. Take a closer look at these four important website considerations. Continue reading

OpenWebCamp: New Standards in Microformats and ApplicationCache


Last Saturday we attended the OpenWebCam conference organized for those who want to know more about in new trends in the domain of client-side web development. Top speakers from Google, Mozilla, Yahoo etc. had been invited to share their knowledge about new technologies they were using these days as well as to talk about their future expectations and forecasts on the evolution of web.

Here this article we will outline some interesting information attendees of the conference had a chace to learn.

Continue reading