Three Ways to Minimize Your Risk of a Cyberattack


Cybercrime statistics are constantly on the rise, with some very worrying figures published when it comes to small businesses and the amount of risk they face when dealing with cybersecurity. What is even more worrying, however, is the lack of knowledge on the subject displayed by not only a huge number of business owners, but employees who are dealing with sensitive or important business data daily, potentially putting the company at risk of a hacking attack due to a lack of knowledge. Continue reading

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4 SEO Tips to Make Your Site Ready for Future


Search engine optimization is an ever changing field and therefore, it is important to understand Google’s future plans to optimize your site accordingly. SEO is not just about how your site is ranking on SERP today, but to ensure that the good rank will be retained by your site in future as well. If you don’t make your site future proof, then sudden algorithm updates will move your site from its glorious position, and as a result, the profit margin will fall drastically.

Here are 4 suggestions to maintain the top rank of your site for a long time. Continue reading

How to Name Your Online Store


Editor’s note: Here at QuartSoft we have a whole eCommerce department that builds custom Magento-powered online stores for clients from all over the world. We help eCommerce entrepreneurs launch and propel their online businesses. However we want to be helpful even at the earlier stage of establishing an online shop – the stage of conceiving the business idea and name. Continue reading

eCommerce Bad Luck or Rookie Mistakes?


It can be tough to admit when you have made a mistake. In some cases, it may be easier to chalk up the results of a bad decision as bad luck instead. Continue reading

9 Basic SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites


Editor’s Note: Since QuartSoft is a provider of custom eCommerce solutions, we are always ready to share useful information with online store owners on our blog. The article below lists some basic search engine optimization tips for eCommerce websites. Continue reading

Start Your New Year with These Small Business Success Tips


Don't let the technological revolution leave you behind. Your customers are changing the way they shop and technology can help you improve your service and get more sales. Tap into the latest business trends for 2014 and make this next year your most productive and profitable ever.

online business tips for this year Continue reading

3 Steps to E-Commerce Website Success


It seems everyone is starting an online business these days. So how do you make your e-commerce website stand out among the sea of sites? Here are three ways that you can find success for your website all year long. Continue reading

To Have or Have Not: Mobile Phones in the Workplace


Mobile phones have taken over our personal lives, and they’re about to take over our professional lives as well. Information technology research and advisory firm Gartner estimates that half of the world’s corporations will require employees to purchase and use their own mobile devices for work purposes by 2017. With employees constantly connected, productivity should be on the rise around the globe, at least in theory. However, connectivity isn’t always the best thing from a business standpoint. Continue reading

Incredible Apps for Small Businesses


Digitization has changed the paradigms of  marketing, entrepreneurship, and the media. The world is now literally at your finger tips. The advent of information technology, data clouding, virtual spaces, and 24/7 Internet connectivity from anywhere in the world has made business practices dynamic. Continue reading

5 Tips to Creating an Optimized Mobile Site


Although you may have optimized your website for a proper desktop appearance, your mobile landing page may still be hurting you. As the number of mobile users is increasing, you'll need to work on optimizing a mobile version of your website. Mobile users want easily accessible information and instant access. That's why your detailed flash-abundant website may be overkill in a mobile let alone WAP format. As there is a huge number of information online, high expectations have to be met. Continue reading