Building & Protecting Your Personal Online Brand for Ultimate Success


Personal online branding doesn’t just begin when you decide to be an entrepreneur — today, it’s happening before you’re even born, via ultrasound images made public. A 2010 study by Internet security company AVG found in the U.S., 92 percent of children have an online presence by the time they are two years old. With social media numbers ever-increasing on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, the vast majority of Americans are online whether they want to be or not. Continue reading

How to Use Social Media to Its Fullest


Editor’s Note: After we launch our customers’ websites and mobile apps, we start another phase of their business activities – the phase of marketing and promotion. Social media play a big role in attracting people’s attention to online businesses we help create for our clients. This article covers some good points of leveraging social media for business advertising. Continue reading

The Power of Infographics


Our graphic designers try to follow the latest trends in the industry. Today we’ll show you how infographics impact social networks.

The best infographics combine text and visuals to give the user a striking and easily-understandable breakdown of information. Infographics can cover just about anything from health issues to comparison of countries' gross domestic products to making suggestions for dinner menus, study strategies or relationship issues. The possibilities truly are infinite. Continue reading

Sponsoring the TechCrunch event "Facebook Ecosystem CrunchUp"


QuartSoft became one of sponsors for the Facebook Ecosystem Crunchup event hosted by TechChruch on August 3rd, 2012.

Facebook Ecosystem CrunchUp by TechCrunch

Continue reading