4 Ways a Professional Looking Website Can Increase Your Online Presence


Let's imagine you have an important job interview for a job you really want. So, you put on the first thing you find, whether it's some holey jeans or that t-shirt emblazoned with the name of your favorite band... okay, we all know that's not how it would go. Everyone wants to look their best for an interview. Everyone with any measure of moral authority has told us all our lives not to judge things by their appearance, but just about everyone does it. It's practically reflexive. Continue reading

Mistakes and Misconceptions Regarding Corporate Website Development


Website is a perfect tool to promote your brand and increase your sales. It seems like a pretty easy task to simply hire someone to build your web presence and voila! All your problems are miraculously solved: your prospects find your company’s site through search engines to learn more about your services / products and start ordering them. Continue reading

9 Basic SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites


Editor’s Note: Since QuartSoft is a provider of custom eCommerce solutions, we are always ready to share useful information with online store owners on our blog. The article below lists some basic search engine optimization tips for eCommerce websites. Continue reading

Top Internet Marketing Techniques for Startup Companies


The Web has drastically changed the way modern society shares and exchanges information. Naturally, this has a profound impact in the way marketing is conducted. Traditionally, promotional work was done through printed ads and television commercials. Of course, these methods are still in full swing as they were in the pre-Internet era. However, with hundreds of millions of people browsing the Web on any given moment, there is no question that the Web is a goldmine for companies looking to create an audience for their business. Continue reading

How User Reviews Can be Used as Great Content for Your Business


Editor’s Note: Having created quite a few websites and mobile apps for online businesses, we know that user reviews are ones of the most powerful tools for boosting online sales. If you have not discovered the power of user reviews yet we can suggest reading the article below. Continue reading

What Big Companies Know That You Don’t


You have your business all ready to go. You’ve tested your product and it seems like it couldn’t get any better. You have employees who are excited about the brand. You’ve done your networking and advertising to get people’s attention. You even have your website up and running. But there isn’t a customer in sight. Even when it seems like you’ve done everything right there can be a few things that you’re missing out on. Here are three key steps that major companies never skip when keeping up with their websites. Continue reading

The Essentials of Business Blogging


Editor’s Note: Following our recent Blogging for Business webinar, we would like to publish this article giving some extra information on the topic.

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Online Business: Top 4 Things to Consider When You Are Building Your Website


All successful businesses have well-designed websites. However, the way their websites look isn't the only thing they care about. There are several things you have to consider when building a website for your business, which include understanding your audience, making your website useable, having a good search engine optimization plan, and planning quality content. Take a closer look at these four important website considerations. Continue reading

How to Increase Your Online Sales in 2013 [Webinar]


Following our recent webinar entitled “How to Increase Your Online Sales in 2013” we would like to present you an article based on what was said and discussed during the webinar.

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Promoting Mobile Applications


Mobile industry is in its boom today and a lot of businesses as well as individuals are riding the wave to gain benefits from the ever growing popularity of mobile applications which seem to help people in any sphere of live.

Enticed by the always expanding audience of mobile users, businesses, both related and unrelated to mobile development, have tapped into the mobile industry to discover lots of marketing opportunities.

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