The Importance of Cybersecurity for Modern Businesses


Individuals and business rely on the Internet on a day-to-day basis to an increasing degree. Few businesses operate without using the Internet and a vast sector of the economy is based entirely online. This reliance on electronic networks provides a very tempting opportunity for criminals to hack into systems and to steal or extort money from businesses. Continue reading

3 Key Cybersecurity Tips for Small Business Owners + Entrepreneurs


Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a critical issue in the small business and entrepreneurship communities, as well as a regular news topic. Whether it’s Wikileaks’ latest info dump or the latest cyber crimes + data breaches, cybersecurity has moved to the forefront of business concerns. Continue reading

Biggest Cyber Crimes and Data Breaches till Date [Infographic]


Cyber criminals these days are putting in as much efforts as the security experts, perhaps even more. Be it a small or a big organization, all are equally vulnerable.

More and more businesses have reported instances of cyber crimes in the recent times. Even though they are putting aside a substantial budget for online security however they still cannot define their systems as foolproof.

What's even critical is the fact that some of the organizations are not at all prepared and wary of the assault. Continue reading

What You Need to Accept Credit Cards


In the United States, there are more credit and debit cards in circulation than there are people. In fact, the average American shopper carries roughly 2.24 types of plastic — a number that is expected to increase in the coming years.

So if you don’t currently accept credit cards in your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Continue reading

The Most Secure Payment Systems for Online Transactions


With all of the news of hackings covered in the media recently, there is a lesson to be learned; your company is only as secure as its weakest link. Cybercriminals are notorious for breaching digital infrastructure, targeting anyone inside the company with administrative permissions. In 2015’s fourth quarter, there were 27 fraud breaches for every 1,000 online transactions. Continue reading

How Secure are Your Online Passwords?


Once upon a time, nobody except shady characters at the CIA or MI5 needed passwords. If we wanted to keep valuable information safe, we stored it in a safe or found a neat little hole under the floorboards. These days, the world is a very different kind of place and we are required to have a multitude of different passwords for email accounts, online banking, shopping sites, and if you are an online MSIA degree student, the online learning portal. Continue reading

A Brief Overview of Next Gen Firewalls [Infographic]


Next gen firewalls (NGFWs) offer greater protection from unwelcome Internet traffic than ever before, even if they are not invulnerable to attacks from unknown sources. Compared with traditional firewalls, NGFWs provide far greater awareness of the applications running on each port, as well as the identities of local traffic devices and users. They also offer more thorough network inspection and have an intrusion protection system built into the firewall, something which was deployed separately from older firewalls. Continue reading

Why Small Businesses Need SSL Certificate?


The Internet Security Threat Report released by Symantec revealed some startling facts about business information security. The report has found that spear-phishing campaigns have increased by 55% from 2015. Businesses, especially budding ones are put at a higher risk of viral attacks that may lead to grave information and financial losses. Continue reading

Five Steps to Improve Data Security [Infographic]


One of the hottest issues in many industries today is data security. As more and more businesses conduct their day to day operations through the internet, e.g. sales, it is safe to say that the amount of data being transmitted nowadays have gotten more monetary value than there were years ago. Like a double-edged sword, the digital platform can bring a lot of benefits to a business, but at the same makes the business more vulnerable to a lot of risk such as data breach. Continue reading

How Startups Are Protecting Their Business Data


Every organization is being forced to recognize that protecting its data is a priority now. Big, established companies have the resources to hire security consultants and support huge IT data teams, but smaller companies and startups are left to fend for themselves. Startups especially are at risk. 63% of startups who make it to their 4th year are still in danger of collapse. One data breach could push them over the edge before they even get that far. Here are six ways that cash-hungry startups are protecting their data. Continue reading