How to Use Cloud Solutions to Take Your Operations to the Next Level?


Managers and business owners tend to use a wide array of software platforms, but sometimes tech infrastructure becomes a victim of belt-tightening. Fortunately, small and midsized businesses have gained a true blessing from the digital heavens. It comes in the form of cloud - an infinite pool of handy tools that contribute immensely to smooth workflow. This gives you a chance to get the best of both worlds: reduce the costs and increase the efficiencies. As a result, the great tech refining is underway, marking a dawn of the new age. Continue reading

Serving e-Commerce Businesses with Modern Cloud Solutions


Over the past several years, one of the most talked about advancements in the IT world has been cloud technology. Improvements have been made to deal with the old virtualizations problems that included price, scalability and security. With improvements made in these areas, cloud computing has become a viable option for e-Commerce hosting. Continue reading

Virtualization to Cloud - What Small Businesses Need to Know


Editor’s Note: Helping startup entrepreneurs and small business owners introduce new web technologies such as cloud applications to their businesses is one of our biggest tasks as an IT outsourcing partner. We carry out this task not only in specific projects but also in this blog by publishing some informative articles for newbie entrepreneurs to learn a thing or two regarding possibilities to boost their web presence. Continue reading

Cloud and Mobile - a Match Made in Heaven


Cloud technology has taken the market by scruff of its neck. It has completely bamboozled the users with its features and offerings. The rapid rise of cloud is a stuff of legends because no other technology has seen an upward curve like this ever. Continue reading

5 Technology Trends to Impact Business Strategies in 2014


Technology is a really important part of running a business successfully. But because there are so many different types of technologies out there you need to be careful when investing into a new one. Continue reading

HR and the Cloud — Finding the Right Package


Choosing the right software for your organisation is tricky because of the vast range of products on the market. In the past, companies have used either in- house bespoke systems or hosted systems with varying degrees of success. The drive to push down costs and improve functionality, productivity and flexibility means that cloud-based solutions are becoming ever popular.

landing pages importance Continue reading

The Unexpected Benefits of Moving to the Cloud


Cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits and features to users including load bursting, scalability, elasticity and cost savings. Many companies, including Quartsoft that offers cloud computing as a service, advertise these benefits. These benefits present a viable business rationale for using a virtual data center or third party hosting. Continue reading

By-Products of the Cloud


Cloud computing seems like an incredibly obvious idea. But as is so often the case, the best ones are.

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How Can the Cloud Help Small Business Owners?


Many small business owners are realizing the benefits of cloud computing because it helps to level the playing field with larger enterprises that have substantial IT budgets.  Cloud computing also helps small business owners gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud. Continue reading

How the Cloud Is Changing the Face of Startups


Cloud computing may be a foreign concept to some businesses, a bit pie in the sky, but it needn’t be.

Instead, it can be distilled into a very simple surmise: why not keep all your data somewhere else and access it through the Internet?

It’s a simple idea, but it’s having a huge impact on the way people are conducting business.

For larger companies it is affecting the way they organise their entire IT infrastructure, how they deploy their staff and how to allocate their resources. Moving over to the cloud is going to be a massive project for many of these companies. Continue reading