How to Create a Startup Using Your Writing Skills


Start-up entrepreneurs from all over the world truly need to be aware of this: we’re experiencing a time with limitless possibilities. If you want to build your own business, there are more ways than ever! Continue reading

Protect Your Online Reputation Using SEO and Social Media


Internet has spread across every domain, including business and services. With the expanding reach of internet, almost every business has its online presence; to reach far-off clients, expand the market, to get feedback and also for promotion and marketing. Social media and internet marketing have offered impressive set of advantages. Continue reading

10 Tactics to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog


Here’s the truth: everyone wants more traffic. It is estimated that 71 percent of blogs get fewer than 5,000 visitors a month—not nearly enough to become popular. Traffic is great—if it’s the right kind of traffic. Too many people focus purely on the numbers, and not on the quality of the traffic coming to their site. If you’re trying to bring more visitors to your site, it makes sense to bring in people who actually want to be there! Continue reading

6 Points Why Blogs Should be in Your E-Commerce Website


An e-commerce website is a good strategy for small-medium enterprises to reach wider market, and boost sales. Compare selling through a store somewhere in your city to selling through online shop with global reach, it is intuitive that the internet can offer better opportunities to sell. Continue reading

Start Your New Year with These Small Business Success Tips


Don't let the technological revolution leave you behind. Your customers are changing the way they shop and technology can help you improve your service and get more sales. Tap into the latest business trends for 2014 and make this next year your most productive and profitable ever.

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The Essentials of Business Blogging


Editor’s Note: Following our recent Blogging for Business webinar, we would like to publish this article giving some extra information on the topic.

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