How Your Slow Website Burns a Hole In Your Pocket


Any and all businesses online rely on their website performance to run their operations successfully, primarily because their website carries out end to end transactions; i.e. from displaying products to taking orders, completing transactions to delivering products.

Such businesses essentially need to focus on their website speed and performance at all times. All seems well if they continually experience surging trends in sales and conversions; however it calls for an immediate attention if a downtrend is noticed over a period. Continue reading

50+ Tips on How to Start Successful Ecommerce Business


Who does not want to be financially independent? The majority of people are dreaming of creating their own stable source of income to avoid the stress of being an employee whose destiny largely depends on the boss’ will and success of someone else’s business. Continue reading

Is Your Magento Store Healthy?


Magento is the most popular and widely used e-commerce platform in the world today and this is primarily due to the fact that both developers and site administrators love it because of its simple and user friendly interface. Continue reading

Developing a Paperless Startup: QuartSoft’s Eco-Saving Know-How


Startups that reduce the need of paper in people's everyday life and business have a bright future ahead of them as well as a high social approval. Not only paperless life is more convenient for many of us, but it can also save the world from ecological Armageddon caused by the increasing devastation of forests around the world. A large portion of forests has to be harvested to produce paper. Around 35% of cut trees are processed into paper these days. Continue reading

What Your Typography Says About Your Brand


How important is typography? Just ask Coca-Cola, whose famous Spencerian script logo has endured for 130 years. This font marks the world's third most-valuable brand, and it instantly sets Coke's brand apart from competitors. Continue reading